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DANGEROUS HOLIDAY HOMECOMING Anchorage K-9 officer Jake Nichols returns home for Christmas to recover from the accident that almost killed him—and find a little peace and quiet. But those plans are shattered when his childhood friend Rachel Hart gets caught up in a drug-smuggling ring after her aunt is brutally murdered. Jake quickly discovers that Port Aurora is no longer the tranquil little fishing town he left behind. He promises Rachel that he'll stick around until he tracks down the killer—and vows to protect her at all costs. Both of their lives are in peril as he battles against the Alaskan winter, a ruthless criminal…and his developing feelings for Rachel. Alaskan Search and Rescue: Risking their lives to save the day
IDENTITY UNKNOWN A baby's frantic cries lead Texas Ranger Drake Jackson to an injured woman in Big Bend Park, the infant by her side. But "Kay" has no idea who she is or what happened. All she seems sure of is that she's in terrible danger. When someone comes after her—determined to snatch the child—Drake takes her and little Kaleb to his family's ranch to protect them. But with the attackers circling closer as Christmas approaches, the guarded ranger knows they won't be safe there for long. Vowing to uncover her identity and catch her attacker, Drake plans to give mother and child the holiday they deserve…safe by his side forever.
Love Inspired Suspense brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful romances of danger and faith. STANDOFF AT CHRISTMAS Alaskan Search and Rescue by Margaret Daley Injured K-9 police officer Jake Nichols comes home for Christmas to heal, but when his childhood friend Rachel Hart gets caught up in a drug-smuggling ring, he vows to protect her at any cost. YULETIDE FUGITIVE THREAT Bounty Hunters by Sandra Robbins When the man who killed Mia Fletcher's husband starts terrorizing her, she turns to her ex-boyfriend, bounty hunter Lucas Knight, for help in the days leading up to Christmas. SILENT NIGHT PURSUIT Roads to Danger by Katy Lee Lacey Phillips travels north at Christmas to find Captain Wade Spencer, who she hopes can give her answers about her brother's death. But someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden.
USA TODAY Bestselling Author Margaret Daley On a kidnapper’s trail... Lone Star Justice never fails
To protect a child witness Lone Star Justice must prevail With a killer at large, Texas Ranger Taylor Blackburn must safeguard little Ben Markham—the sole survivor of a mass shooting. But allowing Ben and his beautiful aunt, Sierra Walker, into his life is riskier than Taylor imagined. While he can distract Ben with Christmas planning, Taylor can’t ignore how Sierra makes him feel. The only thing harder than protecting them is guarding his own heart…
Es kann nicht schlimmer kommen – oder doch? Ein Tag, an dem sie gemeinsam mit Jack Townsend, dem Star ihrer TV-Serie, in einem Helikopter sitzt, ist für Drehbuchautorin Lou Calabrese definitiv kein guter Tag. Aber als der Hubschrauber auf halbem Weg zum Drehort in der Arktis abstürzt, wird Lou klar, dass der Tag geradezu wunderbar angefangen hatte. Während Familie und Freunde um sie bangen, sucht Lou einen Weg durch die Wildnis, mit nichts als dem Inhalt ihrer Handtasche, dem Wissen aus Survival-Filmen und dem TV-Liebling aller Frauen im Schlepptau ...
Der Mord an dem Kriminellen Ian McGregor gibt Detective John Ryan Rätsel auf. Muss er den Täter im Milieu suchen, oder steckt etwas anderes dahinter? Er verhört viele Verdächtige - eine davon ist Ians Halbschwester: Abbie DiAngelo, Besitzerin eines Top-Restaurants in Princeton. Die Faszination, die Abbie auf ihn ausübt, scheint gegenseitig zu sein, und so kommen sie sich während der Ermittlungen immer näher. Noch ahnt John nicht, dass ausgerechnet Abbie weiß, wer Ians Mörder ist und durch ihr Schweigen sich selbst und ihren Sohn Ben in tödliche Gefahr bringt ...

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