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Arnold Toynbee's analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations has been acknowledged as one of the great achievements of twentieth-century scholarship. D.C. Somervell's abridgement of this monumental work is a great achievement in its own right. While reducing the work to one sixth of its original size, he has succeeded in preserving its method and character. The first volume of the abridgement presents Toynbee's philosophy of history as it appears in the first six volumes of the original work. This volume includes the Introduction; The Geneses of Civilizations; The Growth of Civilizations; The Breakdowns of Civilizations; and The Disintegrations of Civilizations. The second volume comprises volumes 7-10 of the original, including Universal States; Universal Churches; Heroic Ages; Contacts Between Civilizations in Space; Contacts Between Civilizations in Time; Law and Freedom in History; The Prospects of the Western Civilization; and Conclusion.
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This book offers the first comprehensive account of the emergence of the IR discipline in Australia. Initially influenced by British ideas, the first generation of Australian international relations practitioners demonstrated in their work a strong awareness of the unique local conditions to which their theorizing should respond.
This study offers us a fascinating survey of the struggle for Arab hegemony between Iraq and Egypt as portrayed by the events surrounding the question of Middle Eastern defence (1945-58), and accentuated by the struggle over the Baghdad Pact.

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