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To save her West Texas home, a young widow must join forces with a violent desperado—and tame the wild passions he ignites within her: “A superb writer” (RT Book Reviews). Ellie Langstrom has built a quiet, simple life on a ranch in Summer Valley, married to the love of her life: gentle, older Benjamin Jarrett. But that life is shattered when her barn burn to the ground and she finds Benjamin’s bullet-riddled body on the back doorstep. Reeling from shock and grief, Ellie has no idea who would want to hurt him or why. So she telegraphs Benjamin’s brother Carson, a Texas Ranger, for help. Two months later, a Jarrett brother finally arrives—only it’s not Carson, but the blue-eyed gunfighter, Kale Jarrett. Ellie is terrified of guns and of the handsome gunslinger now living in her house. But she needs him . . . maybe in ways she doesn’t want to admit. “The real treasure of Sweet Autumn Surrender is the love Ellie Jarrett has to give to Kale and his family.” —The Book Shelf
A silver mining heiress and a Texas Ranger find love on the run in this epic tale of romance and high adventure “bursting with the flavor of Mexico” (RT Book Reviews). Aurelia Mazón is determined to escape her high-mountain town and head for the big city—even though her father owns the town silver mine. When he vows to send Aurelia and her mother to Guanajuato if the silver thefts continue, Aurelia sets a plan in motion to make her dreams come true. But just when her plan begins to work, the unthinkable happens: a handsome Texas lawman is arrested for the thefts. Desperate to keep her big city dreams alive, Aurelia has no choice but to break the gringo out and escape with him into the Sierra Madres, where sparks fly between the two strong-willed strangers. Chased through the Sierras by the Federales, Carson Jarrett realizes that his budding, passionate romance with Aurelia cannot come to pass: the Mazón family will never allow her to marry a gringo. But Aurelia’s indomitable spirit say otherwise—and Carson has never met a woman he believes in more. “[Vivian Vaughan] can always be counted on to deliver a moving, tender romance.” —Affaire de Coeur
A swashbuckling outlaw and a spirited young woman play a dangerous game of cat and mouse on the Mississippi River in this romance from “a superb writer” (RT Book Reviews). Mississippi River, 1879. Delta Jarrett is desperate to end the recurring dreams that haunt her: disturbing, passionate dreams about her ancestor, pirate Anne Bonny, and Anne’s lover, Calico Jack. In need of distraction, Delta agrees to serve as a reporter for her brother-in-law Hollis’s newspaper, the St. Louis Sun. She’ll cover stories onboard a Louisiana showboat, the Mississippi Princess, at each port of call as it makes its way to New Orleans. Brett Reall, on the run from a murder he did not commit, is back in the bayous of Louisiana after a decade, disguised and on the lookout for bounty hunters and the law. His enemies could be anywhere, but after boarding the Mississippi Princess, he has a new fear: that his unquenchable desire for Delta will put her in harm’s way. Delta can sense the danger that surrounds Brett, but her vivid dreams and growing love for this real-life pirate only draw her closer to him—and to disaster. “A compelling romance that incorporates all the mystery, adventure, and passion of a historical novel with a fresh approach—the perfect tale for the reader who craves a hint of the unusual within a love story.” —RT Book Reviews
“An East Coast feminist clashes with a stubborn Texan in Vivian Vaughan’s wild west adventure. Hop aboard for a humorous and poignant ride.” —RT BOOK REVIEWS When Madolyn Sinclair, Secretary of the Boston Woman Suffrage Society, steps off the train in Buckhorn, Texas, she doesn’t know there is a right and wrong side of the tracks. Madolyn has come to this god-forsaken land with three purposes: to find her runaway brother Morley, secure her inheritance, and return to Boston to organize a Center for Women’s Rights. What she had not expected to find in this windswept land—or anywhere—was love: Madolyn Sinclair has dedicated herself to teaching submissive women from all walks of life that they don’t need men. Then she meets Tyler Grant, her brother’s erstwhile business partner, who offers to take her to Morley’s ranch. She reluctantly accepts, and Tyler takes her on a wagon ride she will never forget. But Tyler has an ulterior motive, and he’s caught a tantalizing woman in his web of deceit.
A young woman must choose between passion and pride in this historical saga from “a superb writer who does Western Americana with flair and humor” (RT Book Reviews). Keturah “Ket” Tremayne belongs nowhere, to no one. Born of an Apache mother and a “white-eyes” father, she is an outcast in both worlds. Ket has erected a wall around her heart, a wall of hatred for all whites, especially the soldiers at Fort Davis—and her stepmother, Sabrina. Now Ket has gone into the mountains to rescue her half-brother and his friend from Comancheros. Along with the boys, she saves a greenhorn surveyor named Blake. His gibberish confounds her, but in spite of her better judgment, his compassion draws her near. Blake has his hands full surveying a rail line while avoiding renegade Apaches—except for Ket, the most astonishing and bewildering woman he’s ever met. Even in the snow, his blood boils just thinking of her. If it takes the rest of his life, he will tear down the wall that keeps her heart locked up. “Vaughan charts the passage between girl and woman with an authority and delicacy few Western romance writers can match. Keturah’s heart and mind blossom like a rose unfurling one petal at a time.” —Crescent Blues Book Views

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