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A Direct Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams What does tantra have to do with your relationships, work, money, creativity, sex, food and drink, being alone, meditation and yoga, aging and healing, politics, freedom, and enlightenment? Everything! Tantra is usually thought of as sex with some kind of mysticism thrown in. Marc Allen goes back to the original meaning of tantra and shows how it can be applied to every moment of your life, excluding nothing. Tantra for the West is filled with ancient and modern principles and practices that help you use all your experiences as part of your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Within your way of life — whatever it may be — within your everyday thoughts and feelings, within your fantasies and dreams are the keys to love, freedom, and fulfillment. As soon as you can see this, you’ll find yourself on a direct path to realizing the life of your dreams. This highly acclaimed book has inspired readers all over the world for over thirty years, and is now completely revised, with new material added. It gives you simple keys and practical tools that can be wildly, creatively adapted to your individual needs. If you spend even a brief amount of time with this book, you will discover for yourself the transformative power of tantra.
This extraordinary work presents a series of simple, powerful tools that anyone can use to find a short, effortless route to success and fulfillment. You will discover tried-and-true techniques that deliver quick results. In fact, these shortcuts to success are so simple, accessible, and effective that you will quickly call them magical. Marc Allen developed these tools over several decades, and refined them over many years in a series of life-changing seminars. The results have been wonderful, even miraculous, for a great many people. Work and play with any part of this book and you’ll start seeing remarkable things happening in your life and in your world.
This book is an entire course, an in-depth guide to accomplishing one's dreams in life. Structured in results-minded lessons and interwoven with keys that offer sudden moments of understanding, the book helps the reader grasp new ways of thinking of, and attaining, wealth. Lesson topics include "Imagine your ideal scene," "Discover your core beliefs and learn how to change them," and "Grow at your own pace." Author Marc Allen offers both a life-changing philosophy and the specific tools — the business plan, the vocabulary, even resources for financing — needed to create the life of your dreams. An easy-to-implement plan for attaining wealth and fulfillment by doing what we love and adhering to compassionate values. Contains 12 major lessons and 160 keys to success.
"The practice of purification is one of the most important solutions to life's problems." - Lama Zopa Rinpoche Common to all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Vajrasattva is used to purify negative karma, illness, and obstacles to spiritual development. Lama Yeshe, the inspirational teacher who strongly influenced the development of Buddhism in the West, found that the practice of Vajrasattva brought dramatic results for his Western students. Becoming Vajrasattva is a complete guide to this purification practice, providing instruction on the method, commentary on the traditional texts, and insight into tantra. Also included is an entire section of complete retreat instructions - indispensable reading material for anyone undertaking a retreat in the Tibetan tradition.
In the Tibetan tradition the ability to dream lucidly is not and end in itself rather it provides as additonal context in which one can engage in advanced and effective practices to achieve liberation. Dream yoga is followed by sleep yoga also known as the yoga of clear light. It is a more advanced practice similar to the most secret Tibetan practices. The goal is to remain aware during deep sleep when the gross conceptual mind and the operation of the senses cease.The result of these practicas is greater happiness and freedom in both our waking and dreaming states.
Vegan Tantra is about the history, philosophy, rituals, symbolism, and applications of Eastern Tantra and Western Magic, and their ancient, inseparable bond with Veganism going at least as far back as 10,000 B.C.. The original tantric experiences of mankind underlie the birth of song, dance, poetry, painting and all other forms of art that have laid the very foundations of our religions and cultures as we know them today. Recent literature associating Tantra with indulgent sex and black magic is not baseless, but it only represents a very limited aspect of a system of knowledge that is dynamic, all encompassing and constantly evolving as we are ourselves. The dictionary definition of magic is - the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Tantra is exactly that, the science of influencing events by using forces of nature. Tantra and Magic have both been misunderstood for many years to represent evil, non-serious or even fictional practices. Tantrics actually believe that the entire manifest universe is alive and governed by laws of a higher intelligence we can choose to call God or nature. They believe, that just like the numerous cells in a human body that make up different organs to sustain a larger organism, all parts of nature are constantly communicating and engaging with each other in an eternal dance of competition and cooperation to evolve together as a whole. While much knowledge of the many tantric practices of ancient civilizations has been lost during the dark ages, what survives unmistakably and most importantly is the fact that whether we know it or not we are all tantrics, little magicians, doing Tantra in our everyday lives. The question remains only of our awareness and the purpose of this book is to share exactly that. Vegan-Tantra traces the development and culmination of various pre-historic systems of magic into the three source texts of the Indian Vedas, the Greek Hermetica and the Chinese I-Ching, which further shaped the face of all major world religion to come later. What the Vedic tradition was to religions of Hindusim, Buddhism and Jainism in the Eastern Word, Hermeticism was to the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the West. Similarly the I Ching went on to influence the Bon, Taoism and Confucianism. However, the consolidation of social power to build empires over thousands of years led to the process of politicization and industrialization of these religions ultimately culminating in the very suppression of Tantra and magic. This book maps the journey of the rise and fall of the original nature worshiping religion of mankind, known as Tantra, and its elusive practitioners called Tantrics. Also discussed are diverse themes such as tantric techniques of increasing sexual bliss, heightening creative/intuitive abilities, use of psychoactive substances to develop extra sensory perceptions, reincarnation, life after death, ancient alchemy, modern psychology, the science behind new age fields of music/sound therapy, colour therapy, bio-mimicry and the pit-falls of black magic using animal sacrifice. Using several quotes from the four Vedas and the Hermetica, studying the life of their authors and with references to many anecdotes, characters and archetypes form eastern and western mythology the book promises to be a roller coaster ride through the fabled world of Eastern Tantra and Western Magic encountering celestial nymphs, dreadful monsters and orgiastic celebrations from our sexually brilliant past. In a nutshell Vegan Tantra is about the eternal tantric truth of 'All is One' - the unity of all life without any bounds or exceptions. It is your journey through words to experientially feel that truth and with it be born again as your higher, more complete self. It is a book to awaken and empower the tantric in you, so that you may use your magical powers in life, at least when it matters the most, starting from right now!
Over a decade in development, Tantric Thelema develops author Sam Webster's Pagan Dharma work uniting Pagan, especially Thelemic spirituality with Buddhist wisdom and ritual technology. It gives a complete method for learning a Mahayoga Tantric technique for invoking the primary deity of Thelema, Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Forty-seven practices are described in fine detail with clear theory to enable the reader to advance spiritually. For the first time ever the Initiatory and Couples practices are published, along with a practice to prepare for Death. Sam Webster, M. Div., Mage, has taught magick publicly since 1984. He graduated from Starr King School for the Ministry at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley in 1993. He is an Adept of the Golden Dawn and a cofounder of the Chthonic-Ouranian Templar order, as well as an initiate of Wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu and Masonic traditions. His work has been published in a number of journals such as Green Egg, Reclaiming Quarterly, Mezlim, and Gnosis. He founded the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn in 2001 (, and serves the Pagan community principally as a priest of Hermes.

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