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Given the unique history of African Americans and their diverse religious traditions -- seen in black Christianity, the Nation of Islam, Voodoo, and others -- is there one fundamental meaning to black religion in America? What is the heart and soul of African American religious life? As a leader in both black religious studies and theology, Anthony Pinn has probed the dynamism and variety of African American religious expressions. In this work, which he also delivered as the Edward Cadbury Lectures at the University of Birmingham, England, he searches out the basic structure of black religion, tracing the black religious spirit in its many historical manifestations. Pinn finds in the terrors of enslavement of black bodies and subsequent oppressions the primal experience to which the black religious impulse provides a perennial and cumulative response. Oppressions entailed the denial of personhood and creation of an object: the Negro. Slave auctions, punishments, and later, lynchings created an existential dread but also evoked a quest, a search, for complex subjectivity or authentic personhood that still fuels black religion today. Pinn's promising work offers a major new understanding of what it means to be black and religious in the United States.
From King Louis XVI to Naploean Bonaparte, readers will discover the incredible people, ideas, and battles that lived and occurred during the French Revolution. The captivating photos and images and compelling facts work in conjunction with the supportive text, glossary, and index to provide an engaging and exciting reading experience as children learn about the storming of the Bastille, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens, Robespierre, and King Louis XVI's wife, Marie Antoinette.
Set against the backdrop of the turbulent late 1960s and early 1970s, this compelling book provides the first comprehensive history of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, notorious for the abduction of Israeli Olympians by Palestinian terrorists and the hostages’ tragic deaths after a botched rescue mission by the German police. Drawing on a wealth of newly available sources from the time, eminent historian David Clay Large explores the 1972 festival in all its ramifications. He interweaves the political drama surrounding the Games with the athletic spectacle in the arena of play, itself hardly free of controversy. Writing with flair and an eye for telling detail, Large brings to life the stories of the indelible characters who epitomized the Games. Key figures range from the city itself, the visionaries who brought the Games to Munich against all odds, and of course to the athletes themselves, obscure and famous alike. With the Olympic movement in constant danger of terrorist disruption, and with the fortieth anniversary of the 1972 tragedy upon us in 2012, the Munich story is more timely than ever.
"Covers the events of World War II, including Operation Overlord, the Eastern European Front, the European air war, and the Battle of the Atlantic"--Provided by publisher.
The scrolls of Mary of Magdala have been found! Two thousand years ago, a unique child was born into a world of unimaginable disregard for human life. Vengeful gods and cruel kings ruled over the desperate masses for whom life was short, hopeless and brutal. This is the story of how that young man came to stand at the crossroads of change and then ultimately choose an untrod path to show humanity how to lift itself up from the squalor of its existence. Praise for W. Howard Stuart and his writings: "We are thrilled by the book." Barbara A. - Teacher. "I enjoyed your book immensely." Karen L. - Librarian. "What an outstanding author you are..." Lynette M. - Teacher. "Mr. Stuart's descriptions are so life like, so real..." Megan G. - Student. "Your book makes a perfect gift." Adam T. -Father. "I have never read a book so interesting." Lorraine B. - Student. Continuing praise for the writings of W. Howard Stuart: ..".fantastic..." ..".awesome..." "Thank you" ..".a great story..." ..".please write more..." ..".this book is great! ..." ..".unpredictable and exciting..." "I really enjoy your writing..." ..".I couldn't put it down..." "I am definitely going to recommend it." "GREAT JOB THANK YOU!"
Are you searching for comfort and wondering, "Where is God?" amidst terror and turmoil? Ground Zero Chaplain Bob Ossler explores finding meaning and purpose in chaos and personal tragedy. As terror attacks continue, Ossler reveals how your spirit can triumph over terror's reign, and how you can help those suffering from trauma and loss."
Discusses the causes, events, and aftermath of the revolution that began in 1789 with the overthrow of the monarchy and ended ten years later with the rise of the Napoleonic dictatorship.

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