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Mr. Dweebish, the new teacher at the Bear Country School, tries to explain to the class bully how democracy works.
After a series of crimes sweeps the Bear Country School, the cubs begin to jump to conclusions. With a gentle reminder from their teacher that no one is guilty until proven innocent, the cubs try to keep their minds open. That is, until the thief is discovered, and everyone is shocked. Who could it have been? The Berenstain Bears Chapter Books are the perfect next step for increasingly independent young readers.
When Brother Bear falls in love with Bonnie Brown, an old family feud threatens to spoil their romance. Simultaneous.
New rules collide with Bear Country School’s latest spring fashions When Principal Honeycomb goes on vacation and puts Mr. Grizzmeyer in charge, the students at Bear Country School are nervous. The vice principal is strict and very serious about changing the school’s dress code. When cubs of every social group start wearing super hip clothes as a way of speaking out against the new rules, the campus becomes a fashion battlefield.
When Sister Bear tries out for the school swim team and reveals that she is an extremely talented swimmer, Papa starts to push her too hard.
When Sister Bear tries out for the Bear Country School swim team, she washes away the competition! Racing past the other swimmers, Sister Bear makes Papa proud. In fact, Papa Bear is so proud that he decides to train Sister into a Bearlympic competitor! Papa pushes his star swimmer to practice, practice, practice—but will Sister Bear enjoy swimming when the pressure is on?
Stuck-up Ferdy Factual learns that friendship takes more than just smarts Brother and Sister Bear try to welcome the new cub in town by taking him to school on his 1st day. They quickly learn that Ferdy Factual, son of the famous scientist Actual Factual, is brilliant at math, science, and chess—but he isn’t good at making friends. With the help and patience of the Bear family, Ferdy will finally come to realize that there may be more to school than just books.

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