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Few people represent the spirit of the Old West like Colonel William "Buffalo Bill" Cody! From Indian fights to buffalo hunts to his now-legendary touring Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill brought the legend of the Wild West to the world. Modern readers can enjoy the exploits of this larger-than-life hero through "The Buffalo Bill Megapack," which assembles 5 classic works on the life of Buffalo Bill: "Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood," by Colonel Prentiss Ingraham; "The Life and Adventures of Buffalo Bill," by Col. William F. Cody; "Last of the Great Scouts," by Holen Cody Wetmore; "Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express," by Elmer Sherwood; and "An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill (Colonel W.F. Cody)," by Buffalo Bill. Great fun for fans of the American Old West! And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see all the entries in the Megapack series -- including volumes of science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, westerns, and much, much more!
In thirteen stories full of rope burns and brush scratches, the author of the classic Horse Tradin? tells of the days when he made a specialty of catching wild cows. ø Ben K. Green calls himself a ?stove-up old cowboy,? and readers of this book will learn soon enough where the broken bones came from. Green tells of his adventures with wild steers, sharing with readers the years he worked in thorny brush and canyon country delivering those animals that were too wily or too wild for the normal roundup. Finding them was hard, even dangerous, work. Few cowboys looked for such chores. Green declares, ?I got real good at it, but of course in those days I didn?t know any better.?
Published for devotees of the cowboy and the West, American Cowboy covers all aspects of the Western lifestyle, delivering the best in entertainment, personalities, travel, rodeo action, human interest, art, poetry, fashion, food, horsemanship, history, and every other facet of Western culture. With stunning photography and you-are-there reportage, American Cowboy immerses readers in the cowboy life and the magic that is the great American West.

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