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With the trapping trade on the decline, mountain man Barnaby Skye takes work as a guide, leading a wealthy Englishman, Graves Duplessis Mercer, and two companions on an exploration of the Yellowstone and Missouri River valleys. Mercer is a peculiar employer. He has come to the American wilderness seeking weird, morbid, thrilling, preferably slightly salacious, material to write up for British tabloids. He has little interest in such amazing natural phenomena as the geysers of the Yellowstone country but is adept in ferreting out stories of cannibalism and similar atrocities. To the Briton's disappointment, Skye has none of these to offer but does agree to take him to a Missouri River valley where gigantic bones of ancient monsters thrust out of canyon walls. Skye's Crow Indian wife, Victoria, warns that the bones are sacred among certain tribes, but Mercer insists on taking a "trophy" – a tooth from a tyrannosaurus-like fossil. This act nearly costs the lives of Mercer's party and its guide, Barnaby Skye. Wheeler's Barnaby Skye, a deserter from the Royal Navy who becomes a legendary mountain man, has been called "the Horatio Hornblower of the Rocky Mountains." At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Olivia Diamond's poetry, like her life, begins in the very center of America and makes its way into a much larger world. She has the range to bind her words in classical poetic form and proves herself a master. The geography of her poetry extends from the domestic to the deeply spiritual. She writes with a gentle humorous appreciation of the vagaries of day-to-day life, from holding hands in a movie theater to an imagined conversation between Marilyn Monroe and Dame Edith Sitwell to roasting coffee in Saudi Arabia. Her poetical journey covers growing up in America's heartland to the Middle East. She expresses her experiences in a variety of styles to suit her vision. The inner and outer scenery she explores in her poems evoke both laughter and pain; while her pungent, yet tasty appraisal of humanity summon all five senses to participate in the celebration.
Still recuperating from her father's death and her mother's recovery from alcohol addiction, geologist and amateur sleuth Emily "Em" Hansen is out of work and unhappily whiling away her time on her family's Wyoming ranch. So when her former boss, oil millionaire J.C. Menken, asks Em for help--and offers to find her a job if she does--she has no choice but to accept. J.C. wife Miriam died a mysterious death--and his teenaged daughter Cecelia was the only witness. But a traumatized Cecelia can't remember anything about the incident, and can't seem to get on with her life. J.C. wants Em to help his daughter get back on track--but will he want to hear the shocking truths that Em uncovers about his deceased wife and the real reason for her untimely death?
W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear, award-winning archaeologists and international bestselling authors, break extraordinary new ground in the riveting sequal to their bestselling The Summoning God. Bone Walker is more than a murder mystery, it is a psychological thriller filled with the action that have made this the dynamic duo of the historical. They have breathed life into the vanished world of the Anasazi, bringing out the spirit, the loves, and a mysterious world where mystery and horror lurk in every shadow, behind every door, sometimes right before you. The Gears invite you to follow them down the dark labyrinth of the serial killers mind in Book III of the Anasazi Mysteries. Eight hundred years have passed since the Mogollon holy man was murdered in Flowing Waters Town. The threads of evil spun by Two Hearts are drawn across time to ensnare modern archaeologists Dusty Stewart and Maureen Cole. The "Wolf Witch" has killed archaeologist Dale Emerson Robertson, and Dusty and Maureen must unmask the murderer before he strikes again. But in so doing, Dusty will root out disturbing secrets about his own past that will cast his father's suicide in an unsettling light. With so many skeletons in the closet, even a bone expert like Maureen can be baffled...and the Wolf Witch is two steps ahead of them, drawing them relentlessly into his trap... From the national award-winning archaeologists and international bestselling authors of The Visitant and The Summoning God comes a novel of unforgettable terror about a murder in America eight hundred years ago...and a power that transcends time. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
ARIZONA'S INDIAN COUNTRY!--Twenty-eight percent of Arizona, the 6th largest of the American states, is INDIAN COUNTRY. Arizona was Indian Country thousands of years before the first Europeans set foot on the North and South American continents, and it is still Indian Country today! Seventeen tribes live on 23 Reservations that encompass a total of over 20 million acres that include some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery on planet Earth. Many of Arizona's most amazing attractions-cultural, geographic, historical and recreational-are in its Indian Country! In fact, Arizona owes much of its fame to several serendipitous circumstances: the great Grand Canyon, its spectacular desert and mountain scenery, its climate, and its Indian nations. This is a historical, economic, social, cultural and recreational guide to the state's Native American amazing story of their survival in the face of incredible odds and their growing importance in Arizona.
Late one evening in the summer of 2003, Erec Toso arrived home to his wife and children after an ordinary day at his university office. In the darkness of his yard, a rattlesnake lay along the path, basking in the post-monsoon coolness. Toso, lost in thought, never saw the snake, which struck him on the foot and injected a huge dose of venom. Zero at the Bone is a deeply personal narrative about TosoÕs physical recovery and emotional transformation following this near-death experience. In elegant prose that inspires as much as it unsettles, Toso takes the reader along with him on his expedition into the uncharted territory of cellular damage, hallucination, and ultimately profound spiritual awakening. On all levels, it is a book about pain. Toso spares no detail in his accounts of agonizing hospital procedures, in his revelations about rattlesnake lore, or in his descriptions of the wide-ranging effects of snake venom. But quickly the reader realizes that the physical pain of the snakebite is only the more tangible marker of the psychological pain and turmoil that Toso endures in the emotional journey that ensues. In the months that follow his terrifying attack, priorities, daily habits, family relations, and definitions of self all come into question. What is predictable becomes problematic; what is comfortable becomes disconcerting. In a story that hinges on a common fear about an unlikely eventÑthat of a snakebiteÑToso uncovers a more widespread reality that many of us do not fear enoughÑcomplacency.
HE HAD THE KIND OF SMILE THAT DID THINGS TO A WOMAN …until he arrested her. Julianne Martin had come to New Mexico's canyon country on a mission of deliverance. But now Special Agent Anthony Aquilon had just accused the compassionate nurse-midwife of making off with priceless Native American artifacts! Tony's alluring thief-at-large was no common criminal but an uncommon woman born to warm the cold places inside a man. A modernday warrior who'd defend those he loved to his last breath, Tony longed to place his trust in Julianne…and more. Could a simple case of mistaken identity lead to the perfect match?
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