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When Misty's new bike is hit by a speeding car after being left in the middle of the street by her little brother, the Third Grade Detectives gather clues to track down the driver.
Todd and Noelle use the detective skills they learn from their new teacher Mr. Merlin to figure out who sent a classmate an anonymous letter and find out who has been using Todd's tree house without his permission.
Nancy, George, and Bess can’t believe the out-of-this-world contest McCormick’s grocery store is having—the kid who guess the number of jelly beans in the jar wins a trip to a space camp! Nancy is superexcited because she has been studying the stars and planets with her brand-new telescope, and space camp would be just the thing to test her new skills. But then the jelly-bean jar goes missing, and it looks like no one will get the chance to blast off to space camp. Who would steal a jelly-bean jar? Nancy must use her star-power detective skills to find out!
When the Golden Nose of King Tustinkhamen is stolen from the Museum of Ancient Sniffstory, the Stink Squad finds the museum full of suspects, including Gnarla the fortune-smeller and the hard-of-smelling Professor Feeble.
When the circus comes to River Heights, Nancy and the Clue Crew investigate who is stealing some very important props from the performers.
Mr. Caruthers' History Club once again travels back in time, but this time they have to babysit Jacob and Zack's brother, Gabe, while convincing Dr. Martin Luther King to lead the voting-rights march to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965.
Abigail, Jacob, Zack, and Bo travel back in time to watch Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone, but discover instead that he has put his invention on hold so they try to convince the stubborn inventor to get back on track.

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