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The Cockapoo Handbook is the No.1 bestselling book on Cockapoos and an absolute must for anyone getting a Cockapoo puppy, adult or rescue dog. New owners have so many questions. Imagine if you could call on a room full of Cockapoo experts to provide the answers… Well now you can! Canine author Linda Whitwam has teamed up with Cockapoo breeders and professionals on both sides of the Atlantic to produce the biggest, most detailed and up-to-date book on this popular crossbreed. The 232 pages are packed full of information and insider tips on everything you'll ever need to know about caring for and living with these unique and highly affectionate dogs. And the book is beautifully illustrated with over 100 superb colour photos. Find out what Cockapoo breeders have to say on a host of subjects, including: · Typical Cockapoo traits · Cockapoos for allergy sufferers · What Cockapoos love · How to train them · How much exercise they need · What to feed · All about grooming · Caring for an older Cockapoo The Cockapoo Handbook covers looking after a Cockapoo from the litter to old age. For anyone who hasn’t chosen their puppy yet, there’s: · How to Find a Good Breeder & The Questions to Ask · Where NOT to Buy a Cockapoo From · Picking a Healthy Puppy or Adult Dog, · Male or Female, Colours, Sizes and F Numbers explained · The Temperament of The Cockapoo · How to Pick a Puppy With the Right Temperament For You · Cockapoo-Proofing Your Home · Rescue Cockapoos Once you bring your Cockapoo home, the book guides you through the first days and weeks, covering · Housetraining · Crate Training · Obedience Training · Understanding Your Dog’s Personality · Socialising your Dog There are over 20 pages on Feeding a Cockapoo with all the options explained, including Feeding Puppies, Feeding Charts, Calorie Counters, The Raw Diet, How to Read Dog Food Labels and Feeding Senior Dogs. There’s a chapter on Cockapoos as Assistance Dogs written by their owners, and one on Grooming written by Cockapoo owner, breeder and former professional groomer, Jessica Sampson. Cockapoo Health, Skin and Allergies are covered in depth with tried and tested medical and holistic treatments. There are tips on where to get the best insurance for Cockapoos. You'll learn about Keeping your Cockapoo Healthy, How to Keep His or Her Ears Clean and Infection-Free, the Cockapoo Facts of Life, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Worming and De-Fleaing. Reviews for The Cockapoo Handbook: “Excellent book on the Cockapoo,” THE DOODLE TRUST, UK “I had some input into this book. However I only received the whole book once completed. It is well written, easy to follow, you can jump to issues you may have or read it cover to cover. It is a book that you will go back to over and over. It shows the most important issues in buying a Cockapoo. This book covers everything, well worth buying," MARY GOSLING, FOUNDER, BRITISH COCKAPOO SOCIETY “This book is amazingly well written! I was thoroughly impressed while reading this. The author was spot on about anything you wanted to know, AND information that I did not even think of that was very insightful. I highly recommend buying this book, it is easy to read and she explains everything in a wonderful way that anyone can understand!!” KATHY MATHENY, USA “A good honest guide. Lovely photos and helpful testimonials from breeders and owners. This guide should be read by prospective new Cockapoo owners. I'm glad I bought it as it is helping me with my gorgeous 12 week old puppy Ted,” MRS M A PARROTT, UK “This is the most in depth book on Cockapoos I have ever read. I am a breeder and I think every Cockapoo breeder should have a copy of this book! I will also be recommending this book to all my new cockapoo owners as a must read. It is so full of useful information and tips, I especially like how the author included opinions and personal experiences of breeders from North America and the UK. Wonderful book and an easy read, I have many books on Cockapoos and this one is truly superior by far. Look no further - this is the best book on Cockapoos available,” JESSE LEITCH, USA “This is a cracking book! I have the pleasure of being owned by one of these beautiful dogs, and just wish this had been available to me when he first got us! Great tips for first-time owners, but just as good for those of us who have been 'owned' for some time,” MS JOANNE HALL, UK “A wonderful, informative handbook, full of all the information an existing 'Poo owner might need and a 'must' for anyone thinking of buying or adopting a Cockapoo. It has all the information you will ever need and then more!! Reading it is a pleasure, not a chore like some handbooks, incorporating humour (especially in the breeding section which made me laugh out loud). Links are included for further information where necessary,” SANDRA FARROW, UK
If you're looking for a book full of SPECIFIC info about Cavapoos, your search is over. With 132,000 words and 252 pages DEDICATED TO CAVAPOOS, the new Cavapoo Handbook is the biggest & most detailed book ever published about this popular, loving hybrid. It's a must-have for anyone getting a Cavapoo puppy, adult or rescue dog. Cavapoo breeders, owners and experts have all combined with canine author Linda Whitwam to produce "The Cavapoo Bible." It provides a blueprint for a successful lifelong partnership between you & your new arrival It's packed full of info & insider tips on everything you ever need to know about caring for & training these unique dogs right throughout their lives. Learn what makes your Cavapoo tick, how his or her temperament is affected by the Poodle and Cavalier ancestry - and how YOUR behaviour affects your Cavapoo's behaviour. Learn about: typical Cavapoo traits, Cavapoos for allergy sufferers, Cavapoos & children, what Cavapoos love & hate, exercise, grooming, dealing with puppy biting & jumping up, & caring for an ageing Cavapoo. For anyone who hasn't chosen their puppy yet, there's: How to Find a Good Breeder & Questions to Ask, Where NOT to Buy a Cavapoo From, How to Choose a Healthy Pup, Colours, Sizes & F Numbers, Male or Female? Picking a Puppy With the Right Temperament For You, Cavapoo-Proofing Your Home & Rescue Cavapoos. Once home, the book guides you through: Coping with the First Few Days & Nights Getting Your Cavapoo Used to You & Your Home Understanding & Bonding with Your New Arrival Housetraining Crate Training Obedience Training incl. Sit, Stay, Recall, Walking on Lead Socialisation There's over 20 pages on Feeding, incl. Feeding Puppies, Feeding Charts, Fussy Eaters, Raw Diet, Reading Dog Food Labels & Feeding Seniors. Cavapoo Health, Skin & Allergies are covered at length with proven medical & holistic treatments. Read tips on Insurance for Cavapoos, Keeping Your Cavapoo Healthy, Keeping Ears Infection-Free, Cavapoo Facts of Life, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Worming & De-Fleaing. REVIEWS FOR THE CANINE HANDBOOKS: "This book covers everything; well worth buying," MARY GOSLING, FOUNDER, BRITISH COCKAPOO SOCIETY, Cockapoo Handbook "The Labradoodle Handbook is very well researched & enjoyable to read. It is a must have resource for anyone thinking of buying a doodle pup, or adopting a doodle rescue," JOANNE COUSINS, PRESIDENT, IDOG RESCUE, USA "This is the most complete book about Goldendoodles to date. Anyone raising a Goldendoodle or contemplating one in the future should read this book!" AMY LANE, PRESIDENT, GANA (GOLDENDOODLE ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA), Goldendoodle Handbook "This is a very complete & comprehensive book about French bulldogs. I would highly recommend this book to new puppy owners," SUSAN SIMON, SECRETARY, FRENCH BULL DOG CLUB OF AMERICA, French Bulldog Handbook "This is the most complete and well researched book on Goldendoodles that is on the market. I am a breeder and I will recommend that all of my doodle families, especially the new ones, buy this book and read every page," LYNNE WHITMIRE, VICE PRESIDENT, GANA
These affectionate, personable dogs are a cross between cocker spaniels and poodles. Get the information and advice you need to help you take good care of your cockapoo.

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