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Offers an intimate look at the world of American contemporary art, looking at the schools, scenes, and artists through the eyes of a working artist.
This volume deals with philosophically grounded theories of animal generation as found in two different traditions: one, deriving primarily from Aristotelian natural philosophy and specifically from his Generation of Animals; and another, deriving from two related medical traditions, the Hippocratic and the Galenic. The book contains a classification and critique of works that touch on the history of embryology and animal generation written before 1980. It also contains translations of key sections of the works on which it is focused. It looks at two different scholarly communities: the physicians (medici) and philosophers (philosophi), that share a set of textual resources and philosophical lineages, as well as a shared problem (explaining animal generation), but that nevertheless have different concerns and commitments. The book demonstrates how those working in these two traditions not only shared a common philosophical background in the arts curricula of the universities, but were in constant intercourse with each other. This book presents a test case of how scholarly communities differentiate themselves from each other through methods of argument, empirical investigation, and textual interpretations. It is all the more interesting because the two communities under investigation have so much in common and yet, in the end, are distinct in a number of important ways.
For many, the third person of the Trinity is shrouded in mystery. As humans we long to connect with Deity on a spiritual level, and yet we're often unsure who this Being really is. This timeless collection of writings comes from some of the greatest thinkers of both yesterday and today and lifts the veil on the mystery of this powerful personality -- a person who resides at the very heart of God. With writings from authors such as Oswald Chambers, D. L. Moody, Jim Cymbala, A. W. Tozer, Richard J. Foster, and so many more, this book answers many questions while provoking others. It provides a wealth of information that is ideal for personal study, for sermon and lesson preparation, and for all who want to know the power of the Spirit in their lives. Brief Writings from some of the very best writers and thinkers -- contemporary and classic -- are gathered in this intriguing book on the Holy Spirit. Book jacket.

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