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"This book targets current and aspiring directors and meets their educational and practical needs. It is more than a how-to book containing best practices for board governance. The current effort blends research findings from leadership and organizational dynamics with practical advice for corporate directors. Each board is unique with issues relating to leadership, group dynamics, and decision making creating a particular culture for each board. Yet they are all required to fulfill their fiduciary duties and meet federal government reporting requirements and regulations in the same way. The book allows directors to meet those requirements, while creating their own unique approach. The book also provides practical advice on issues related to selection, meeting schedules, and director succession. It explores board performance from a group culture and group dynamics perspective, providing insight on how to manage classic problems in group decision making. It will contain a comprehensive set of assessments"--
Directors: Improve Board Performance The Director's Manual: A Framework for Board Governance offers current and aspiring board members essential up-to-date governance guidance that blends rigorous research-based information with the wisdom found only through practical, direct experience. The book's flexible approach to solving governance issues reflects the authors' belief that no two boards and the cultural dynamics that drive them are the same. As such, the advice offered reflects recognizable leadership dynamics and real world, relevant organizational situations. The book's two authors, Peter C. Browning, an experienced CEO and member of numerous boards and William L. Sparks, a respected organizational researcher, combine their individual experiences and talents to create a book that is both innovative and applicable to directors in any industry sector. Specific best practice guidance is designed to help board members and their directors understand the unique strengths and challenges of their own board while at the same time provide targeted information that drives needed improvements in board performance and efficiency. Specifically, this book will help board members: Explore practical advice on key issues, including selection, meeting schedules, and director succession Consider board performance from multiple perspectives, including cultural and group dynamics Discover how to effectively manage classic problems that arise when making decisions as a group Access a comprehensive set of assessment questions to test and reinforce your knowledge The Director's Manual: A Framework for Board Governance offers practical advice to guide you as you lead your organization's board.
Build a more effective board with insight from the forefront of corporate governance The Handbook of Board Governance provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. Written by collaboration among subject matter experts, this book combines academic rigor and practitioner experience to provide thorough guidance and deep insight. From diversity, effectiveness, and responsibilities, to compensation, succession planning, and financial literacy, the topics are at once broad-ranging and highly relevant to current and aspiring directors. The coverage applies to governance at public companies, private and small or medium companies, state-owned enterprises, family owned organizations, and more, to ensure complete and clear guidance on a diverse range of issues. An all-star contributor list including Ram Charan, Bob Monks, Nell Minow, and Mark Nadler, among others, gives you the insight of thought leaders in the areas relevant to your organization. A well-functioning board is essential to an organization’s achievement. Whether the goal is furthering a mission or dominating a market, the board’s composition, strategy, and practices are a determining factor in the organization’s ultimate success. This guide provides the information essential to building a board that works. Delve into the board’s strategic role in value creation Gain useful insight into compensation, risk, accountability, legal obligations Understand the many competencies required of an effective director Get up to speed on blind spots, trendspotting, and social media in the board room The board is responsible for a vast and varied collection of duties, but the singular mission is to push the organization forward. Poor organization, one-sided composition, inefficient practices, and ineffective oversight detract from that mission, but all can be avoided. The Handbook of Board Governance provides practical guidance and expert insight relevant to board members across the spectrum.
Finally, a book that brings the vision of truly good governance down to earth. Ram Charan, expert in corporate governance and best-selling author, packs this book with useful tools and techniques to take boards and their companies to a higher level of performance. Charan puts his finger on a growing problem for boards: the disconnect between directors' efforts and their results. The added time and attention boards invest is not translating into better governanceâ??that is, governance that adds value to the business. Boards That Deliver gets beyond the rhetoric of corporate governance reform. It captures the tried-and-true practices used by high-performance boards. In contrast to experts who base prescriptions on number-crunching exercises, Charan identifies the real problems that drain directors' time and suppress their best judgmentsâ??and explains clearly and succinctly how boards can solve those problems. These battle-tested solutions help boards achieve what rules and regulations alone cannotâ??to get succession right, refine a winning strategy, and design a rational CEO compensation package. Good governance requires leadership. Boards That Deliver is the no-nonsense guide for directors and CEOs who are rising to the leadership challenge to make their boards a competitive advantage.
More than three million people serve on boards and audit committees in the U.S. alone. But huge risks come with these coveted jobs. SEC scrutiny is at an all-time high, with boards and audit committees now held liable to for acts of fraud and other corporate malfeasance-even if they had no knowledge of wrong-doing in the organization. This essential guide mitigates the risks and dramatically increases the effectiveness of boards and audit committees by uncovering 10 crucial steps every governing body should take, including: * Cultivate independence * Build a balanced team * Leverage independent advisors * Address stakeholder concerns * Direct the external audit * Approach risk proactively * Spearhead fraud deterrence initiatives * Promote accountability * And more Comprehensive and practical, this book simplifies complex corporate governance standards, and helps readers satisfy the requirements of board service while protecting themselves and the organization.
"By far the best book on corporate and institutional governance." —Nicholas Katzenbach, former attorney general of the United States In his new foreword to The Board Book, former Mellon Foundation and Princeton University president William G. Bowen brings his immense experience to bear on the most pressing questions facing boards of directors and trustees today: seeking collaborative relationships and placing a renewed emphasis on sustainable initiatives. The strategies Bowen relates throughout the book foster the collegiality and sense of purpose—more important in today’s turbulent times than ever before—that are integral to any effective board.
Praise for Building Better Boards "Building Better Boards bridges the gap between talk and action.A must-read for board members, CEOs, governance experts - reallyfor anyone who cares about the future of the corporation." —Anne M. Mulcahy, chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation "Building Better Boards covers all the key issues facing boardsin the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era. It provides practical advice basedon the authors' wide-ranging experience with major companies thathave built successful boards." —Marty Lipton, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz "This important new book uses concepts gleaned from thecollective wisdom of our Blue Ribbon Commission on Board Leadershipand adds practical, real-world board examples. The section oncrisis management is particularly helpful." —Roger W. Raber, president and CEO, National Association ofCorporate Directors "This book provides a comprehensive review and effective guideto making any board an effective team, and thus an asset, for theircompany." —Richard H. Koppes of Counsel, Jones Day, and former generalcounsel, CalPERS "A balanced, insightful, thoughtful, and, above all, useful lookat what can be done to create excellent boards." —Edward E. Lawler III, director, Center for EffectiveOrganizations, Marshall School of Business, University of SouthernCalifornia "Improving board effectiveness is easier said than done.Building Better Boards lays out the how-tos in a clear andcompelling way that is of practical value for directors and CEOsalike." —Kenneth W. Freeman, former chairman and CEO, QuestDiagnostics Inc.

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