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For Aífe, the beautiful adopted daughter of Drui healer Ethne and her warrior partner Ruadh, life revolves around the sacred beauty and ancient mystery of the Old Ways. Surrounded by lush, green trees and frolicsome wildlife, the Forest School has been the heart of her Druidic education-and her beloved home. But to become a healer and priestess, she must leave behind all that she loves and journey to the Druid Isle . . . Handsome and spirited, Lucius is resolved to seek adventure outside of the Christian monastery where he was raised. Following a daring escape one night, Lucius arrives at a Pagan Gaulish village and discovers their gentle way of life. But a political firestorm is brewing, and Lucius is caught in the middle as the church and the Romans attempt to destroy everything the Druids hold dear. In his desperation to escape ruthless enemies and untold dangers, Lucius finds himself on the Druid Isle, where he will face the biggest decision of his life. Set on a third-century island off the coast of Scotland, this instructional Celtic tale delves deeply into the spiritual mysteries of the Druids, offering glimpses of Druidic daily life, herbal lore, and ancient rituals, along with a fascinating look at the Romans, Gauls, and Britons. Includes a Celtic/Druidic glossary. "One of the best features of the book is the small bits of old lore from the Druids scattered throughout . . . I would definitely recommend this book!"—Rev. Skip Ellison, Archdruid of Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) and author of Ogham: The Secret Language of the Druids
When Ogwen, healer and wise woman, is banished for murder from her tribe in the Welsh hills, she goes on a journey of dicovery that leads her to the Isle of the Druids. Can her magic keep her safe? What do the Druid Priestesses want from her? Will she survive her trial for the murder of her own daughter?
This epic Celtic fantasy weaves together Nordic mythology, adventure, universal wisdom and unforgettable characters caught up in colossal events of history. A Roman centurion is washed ashore on a mysterious isle ruled by druids and forces from the Otherworld. He is destined to change the course of history and join Patrick the Briton in an ultimate confrontation known as Ragnarok, the Day of Destruction.
Ogwen, healer and wise woman, waits and watches on the Druid Isle. Gethin Du and his band of brigands are on their way for trial at Deva but will they reach their destination? Ogwen, recovering from a heart attack brought on by her trial for murder of her daughter, falls foul of one of the Druid priestesses. The Druid Isle becomes a prison for her but she forms a deep attachment while there. Will the Druid judge, Coelbren, recover? Bryn and Ioan may be brothers but their destinies are lifetimes apart. Neither of them anticipate the terrible ending for their mother, Einir. Ogwen's future is in doubt. Her psychic powers are needed for Dreamweaving but what she sees brings fear. There is much trouble in the lands in the north of the Cymru. Even the brigands sent for trial in Deva cause more trouble. And back at Dinas camp, just when everyone is settling down to a hot summer, terror strikes. This is the middle book of the When Mountains Fall Trilogy. ‘I love her stories – full of magic and healing.’ R.W 'I enjoyed this book and I shall certainly read the other two in the trilogy.' AJSW 'fantastic story, great characters - a must read.' RANG

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