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A deadly political rivalry that ended in two brutal executions...An intricate love triangle that altered the course of history...A religious revolution that changed the world... THE TREASURE... For two thousand years, an undiscovered treasure rested in the rocky wilds of the French Pyrenees. A series of scrolls written in the first century by Mary Magdalene, these startling documents hold the power to redefine the events and characters of the New Testament. Protected by supernatural forces, the priceless cache can only be uncovered by a special seeker, one who has been chosen for the task by divine providence - The Expected One. THE CHOSEN ONE... When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book, she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so complex and dangerous that thousands of people have killed and died for it. As a long buried family scandal comes to light, she can no longer deny her own role in a deadly drama of epic international consequences.
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The third book in the Magdalene Line Trilogy takes Maureen to Florence, where she begins training in the secret teachings of The Order of the Holy Sepulcher. Under the guidance of her new teacher, Destino, she discovers the fascinating story of Lorenzo de Medici - the godfather of the Renaissance and the greatest patron of the arts in history. But Lorenzo's obsession was not with culture alone. Instead, he worked carefully to create a body of work which would preserve a series of ancient secrets - secrets too powerful and dangerous to be committed to writing. But Maureen's most explosive discovery affects the person closest to her, as she realizes that her lover, Berenger, shares an extraordinary legacy with Lorenzo de Medici. Both men were born under the auspices of a prophecy found in the early writing of the Bloodline - the prophecy of the Poet Prince. But as Berenger and Maureen explore the daunting task of filling Lorenzo's place in the 21st Century, they find themselves the subject of an ancient vendetta hell-bent on destroying the heresy and ending Maureen's life in the process.
A dazzling look at the most elusive figure in Christ's life Mary Magdalene was a key figure in Christ's life. She was present at his Crucifixion and she was also the first person to see him resurrected. According to Dan Brown's multi-million selling THE DA VINCI CODE, she was also his wife and the mother of his children. In the Gospels, she is described as an outcast and a harlot. This may be due to the disciples' jealousy of Jesus' love for Mary and the closeness of his relationship with her that was not replicated in his relationships with them. In SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE, Dan Burstein explodes the myths and analyses who Mary Magdalene was, the true nature of her relationship with Christ and her role in the Christian faith. Did Mary write her own Gospel? If so, what did it say? Where did she come from? Was she Jewish? How did she live? So many questions exist about this lady, Google can find mention of her on 1,740,000 sites in 0.3 seconds. This book will find the answers.
I forbid you maidens all who wear gold in your hair to travel to Carterhaugh for young Tam Lin is there Scotland, 1323 When 18-year-old Janet Douglas is given Carterhaugh Forest and its surrounding property as a gift from her father, she is thrilled to become the guardian of such an ancient and sacred place. But Janet soon finds that she has an otherworldly rival for her role as protector of Carterhaugh. An elfin knight by the strange name of Tam Lin haunts her forest, and extracts a heavy price from any unwary maiden who might wander there and cut the legendary roses. After her best friend returns from a terrifying encounter with Tam Lin, brave Janet sets out to confront the mysterious and malevolent knight. She cuts the sacred roses to goad him into appearing, but soon finds herself ensnared by the laws of the fairy kingdom. Her transgression is such that Tam Lin demands the ultimate penalty from a noble maiden: her virginity. As Janet prepares for her fate, she discovers that there is a darker force behind Tam Lin’s actions: he is in service to the ruthless and omnipotent Fairy Queen, who demands a severe price of her own. It is told that every seven years she is required to pay a tithe to Hell, a human sacrifice, and the seventh year anniversary is rapidly approaching. In order to save everything she holds dear, Janet will have to go to battle with the spellbinding and terrifying queen on Halloween night. Tam Lin prepares her for the ordeal – but can he be trusted? The trials Janet endures at the hands of the Fairy Queen are rich in symbolism and steeped in the wisdom of the Celts. For this is no mere fairy tale, no simplistic story of dark and light, wicked queen and maiden fair. This is a complex and sensual exploration of feminine power in all of its aspects, with some unexpected twists. The Ballad of Tam Lin is a novella based on an ancient folksong from the Scottish Borders. It is the first in Kathleen McGowan’s series, Legends of the Divine Feminine. A non-fiction analysis of the ballad, its origins, and its exquisite preservation of ancient wisdom teachings follows the fiction along with the author’s notes on her years of research into the story and locations. The Ballad of Tam Lin is a profound spiritual and esoteric fable, an illustration of the power of the divine feminine in its multiple guises unlike any other.

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