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When physician Benjamin Smith wakes up eighty-three years in the future--in the year 2071--after a cryonic sleep, he finds that although humankind has mastered cloning and eternal youth, emotional and ethical predicaments are still prevalent
Myth, legend and theology intertwine in this tale of love, betrayal, redemption and the titanic struggle between good and evil, and the quest for eternal life. In “Dark Angel”—Book 1 of The First Immortal Trilogy—the reader is transported to a majestic civilization built by Adam, the first man, Cain, his son and antagonist, and their deadly foes, the Dark Lords, led by a powerful ruler, Lucifer. One of the most mysterious times in the history of the world is brought to breathtaking light in this action-packed fantasy. Magnificent and powerful beasts roam the earth and the seas, along with giants, fallen angels and the surprising offspring of angels and womankind. Join the conflict and judge for yourself who deserves to become ”The First Immortal.”
Perry Rhodan has discovered a huge space ship, an ark in space, carrying a population of humans who set out on their journey 55,000 years ago, from Earth - Lemurians, the legendary forefathers of mankind. In order to find all the arks, Perry Rhodan embarks onto a mission to the home system of the Akons. There, in the stronghold of the enemy, he hopes to find the coveted data, stored in the central computer of an ark recently captured by the Akons. A startling discovery awaits him: Levian Parron, the creator of the arks, is still alive!
The tale of Enoch resumes In this second book of the trilogy with The Dark Lord attempting to counterfeit the secret of Enoch's fantastic powers. The Nephilim - Hades, Poseidon and Zeus seek control through the dark arts of old. What will be the fate of one woman who gives in to the debauchery of the Dark Lords and betrays her own human race?
Immortal Wine: The First Born is set in the 1850s in a small Canadian town in Southeast Ontario. Life changed for Chase twenty-five years ago following a senseless accident that resulted in the death of his mother. He left his family home shortly following his mother's funeral and hasn't returned since. After a ten-hour shift at the mill where he works six days a week, Chase returned to his single room at a run-down boarding house near the mill. Upon entering his room, he finds an envelope lying on the floor. With a dread-filled heart he tears the envelope open and reads a letter from his father, a man he hasn't seen or talked to in twenty-five years. Chase read the letter three times before the words sink in. He has been asked to return home! With his life turned upside down, and in the process of deciding what to do, Chase runs into an old flame. The return of his childhood love causes him even more confusion. Then Chase makes a startling discovery that will change his life forever. It all begins when he stumbles across an ancient chest covered with countless years of dirt and grime.
Immortal is a romantic suspense novel set in the present day. Octavius Kalman is a wealthy international wine merchant who relives his three hundred year life as a reluctant pawn in many historical events while in conflict with a mortal enemy. He is coping with porphyria, the genetic blood disease responsible for the vampire legends, and grieving over the loss of his one true love when she unexpectedly enters his life again-or does she? Along his dramatic journey, he is saved by his love of music and dance, becoming a key figure in the development of tango from its birth on the seaboards of Europe and South America more than 150 years ago, to its sensual presence throughout the world today. With Immortal, J.E. Mayer has created a unique blend of suspense, romance, time travel, and vampirism. An intense and fascinating read. -Adam Cushman, author of Cut.
Liz comes home from her first book tour to be kidnapped by a mysterious man in a black hood. Her life changes forever when she discovers that her fantasy books have come to life and her villain is trying to take over the world. As an Immortal Writer, can she master magic and slay dragons in time to save the world from the villain she created?

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