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Hok, a crane-style Kung Fu master, is also a master at hiding. For the past 12 years, she has hidden the fact that she is a girl. Now her rogue brother, Ying, and his army have placed a huge price on her head. Fortunately, she manages to make it to Keifeng where she finds her mother and a "round-eye" with the very funny name of Charles. Together Hok and Charles start to make some sense of the magnitude of Ying's plans. From the Hardcover edition.
For year, Ying hated his grandmaster for denying him the opportunity to train as a Dragon, and held a deep resentment for his five younger brothers–grandmaster’s favorites. He took his revenge and burnt the Cangzhen temple to the ground, but the five youngsters survived and continue to be a thorn in his side. Yet, when betrayed by the emperor and imprisoned, it was his younger sister, Hok, who rescued him. Now Ying begins to realize that Tonglong has been manipulating him for a long time. Ying needs to figure out who are his friends and who are his enemies . . .and he needs to figure it out fast! From the Hardcover edition.
Long, the dragon-style warrior, saw his temple burned, his brothers killed, and his novice siblings fleeing to the four winds. But that was many months ago. Now the five young warriors have reunited with Ying, the redeemed renegade who put all of these events in motion, and ShaoShu, the mousy street thief, to prevent the wily mantis Tonglong from taking over China. Time is short and distances are great, and the future of China lies in the hands of five young monks. From the Hardcover edition.
Little street urchin ShaoSu has always wanted to belong. His small size makes him an easy target for bullies and baddies and this little “mouse” always needs a place to hide. When he is befriended by Hok and Ying, he thinks he has found a new family, and eagerly tags along as they continue on their travels. What he doesn’t know is that his new friends are the most wanted criminals in China, and their adventures will land him in the middle of a battle not only for their lives, but for the future of China itself. As the characters rush towards a dramatic conclusion to the Five Ancestors series in this, the penultimate title, Jeff Stone has again created a marvelous story, a compelling voice, and a ton of exciting action. From the Hardcover edition.
Twelve-year-old Seh is a snake-style master and a keeper of secrets. Close-lipped and ever-watchful, he has used his highly attuned senses to collect information about his brothers, his temple, and even Grandmaster. Now, with the temple and Grandmaster gone, Seh sheds his orange robe like an old skin, joins a bandit gang, and meets a mysterious woman whose name means Cobra—all the while trying to stay one step ahead of vengeful Ying! From the Hardcover edition.
Klassiker der US-Moderne Mit «Winesburg, Ohio» revolutionierte Sherwood Anderson die moderne amerikanische Short Story. Lakonischer war das Leben seiner Landsleute nie erzählt worden. In der vorliegenden Neuübersetzung, der ersten seit über 50 Jahren, lässt sich dieser wegweisende US-Klassiker nun endlich wiederentdecken. Wing Biddlebaum verlor durch ein fatales Missverständnis seine Stelle als Lehrer und mit ihr seine Seelenruhe. Alice Hindman wartet auch elf Jahre nach deren Verschwinden noch verzweifelt auf die Rückkehr ihrer Jugendliebe. Der Arzt Mr Reefy schreibt seit dem Tod seiner Frau Gedankensplitter auf kleine Zettel – und wirft sie weg. Selbst die Existenz des jungen Lokalreporters George Willard, der neugierig all diese Schicksale sammelt, ist nicht frei von tragischen Verstrickungen. Schrullige, einsame Charaktere bevölkern das Städtchen Winesburg in Ohio, einen Ort auf der literarischen Landkarte, dem Autoren bis heute ihre Reverenz erweisen.
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