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'Timely, impassioned and brilliantly argued' Rod Liddle, Sunday Times 'A spirited and exhilarating read' Joan Bakewell, Guardian ANNIVERSARY EDITION WITH NEW MATERIAL The God Delusion caused a sensation when it was published in 2006. Within weeks it became the most hotly debated topic, with Dawkins himself branded as either saint or sinner for presenting his hard-hitting, impassioned rebuttal of religion of all types. His argument could hardly be more topical. While Europe is becoming increasingly secularized, the rise of religious fundamentalism, whether in the Middle East or Middle America, is dramatically and dangerously dividing opinion around the world. In America, and elsewhere, a vigorous dispute between 'intelligent design' and Darwinism is seriously undermining and restricting the teaching of science. In many countries religious dogma from medieval times still serves to abuse basic human rights such as women's and gay rights. And all from a belief in a God whose existence lacks evidence of any kind. Dawkins attacks God in all his forms. He eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry and abuses children. The God Delusion is a brilliantly argued, fascinating polemic that will be required reading for anyone interested in this most emotional and important subject.
»Religion ist irrational, fortschrittsfeindlich und zerstörerisch.« Richard Dawkins, einer der einflussreichsten Intellektuellen der Gegenwart, zeigt, warum der Glaube an Gott einer vernünftigen Betrachtung nicht standhalten kann. Ein wichtiges Buch, das zu einem brennend aktuellen Thema eindeutig und überzeugend Position bezieht – brillant und bei aller Schärfe humorvoll. Entdecken Sie auch das Hörbuch zu diesem Titel!
In the voice of a guardian angel, the author responds to the book "The God delusion" by Richard Dawkins.
Read Fortress Press's interview with Richard Grigg, only on! It is ironic but true that most theologians do not understand Godin the same way that is being criticized so heavily in such worksas Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion. In fact, argues RichardGrigg, most theologians left behind an unalloyed, classical theismabout two hundred years ago. Yet, Grigg argues, the many efforts to reconcile contemporaryscientific worldviews with Christian faith stop shy of the radicalreconception of God begun in contemporary theology andmade necessary by contemporary science. Grigg's erudite andprovocative book calls for a more radical theology, in whichnotions of divine transcendence and immanence, personhood,power, and the divine role in the evolving universe are radicalizedand reconceived. Building on the work of such theologians asSallie McFague and Gordon Kaufman, and with a strong grasp ofthe particulars of contemporary cosmology and biology, Grigg'sexciting work challenges us to an intellectual honesty as sturdy asour faith.
A fully updated new edition of a critically acclaimed examination of the theories and writings of Richard Dawkins by a world-renowned expert on the relation of science and religion Includes in-depth analysis of Dawkins’ landmark treatise The God Delusion (2006), as well as coverage of his later popular works The Magic of Reality (2011) and The Greatest Show on Earth (2011),and a new chapter on Dawkins as a popularizer of science Tackles Dawkins’ hostile and controversial views on religion, and examine the religious implications of his scientific ideas including a comprehensive investigation of the ‘selfish gene’ Written in an accessible and engaging style that will appeal to anyone interested in better understanding the interplay between science and religion
Naturwissenschaftliche Wirklichkeit hinter den Mythen der Völker - vom Urknall über die Evolution bis zu Regenbogen, Erdbeben und den Jahreszeiten.

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