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The Surprising History and Legacy of the Inquisition The renowned historian and critic Jonathan Kirsch presents a sweeping history of the Inquisition and the ways in which it has served as the chief model for torture in the West to this day. Ranging from the Knights Templar to the first Protestants; from Joan of Arc to Galileo; from the Inquisition's immense power in Spain after 1492, when the secret tribunals and torture chambers were directed for the first time against Jews and Muslims, to the torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent women during the Witch Craze; and to the modern war on terror—Kirsch shows us how the Inquisition stands as a universal and ineradicable reminder of how absolute power wreaks inevitable corruption.
The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Humanism presents an edited collection of essays that explore the nature of Humanism as an approach to life, and a philosophical analysis of the key humanist propositions from naturalism and science to morality and meaning. Represents the first book of its kind to look at Humanism not just in terms of its theoretical underpinnings, but also its consequences and its diverse manifestations Features contributions from international and emerging scholars, plus renowned figures such as Stephen Law, Charles Freeman and Jeaneanne Fowler Presents Humanism as a positive alternative to theism Brings together the world s leading Humanist academics in one reference work
I was inspired to write Mixed MarriageInterreligious, Interracial, Interethnic through my study of the Torah and its Mitzvot that prohibit certain mixed marriages while our greatest prophet (Moshe) and King David married outside the tribe. Moshe was Judaisms greatest prophet and led his people out from Egyptian slavery. King David was Judaisms greatest King and the great-grandson from the mixed marriage of Ruth, the Moabitess and Boaz. The Messiah is prophesied to descend from King David as did Jeshua of Nazareththe Christian Messiah.
One of twenty-first century’s most influential minds in Brain Science investigates the molecular underpinnings of one of the youngest religions of the world - Sikhism. With the tools of modern Neuroscience at his disposal, Abhijit Naskar, a globally acclaimed author delves deep into the neuronal basis of the origin of Sikhism. He coaxes us to look behind the curtain of a legendary divine experience that led to the rise of this less known religion from India. In his peerlessly lucid explanatory ways, Naskar takes us inside the protoplasmic realm of the brain of Guru Nanak—the founding father of Sikhism, and reveals to us how a conscientious man from the 15th century stepped outside the primeval cocoon of religious orthodoxy in order to restore humanism in the heart of humanity. Neurons, Oxygen & Nanak is the work of a twenty-first century humanitarian thinker about another humanitarian thinker from the fifteenth century.
You think you know about Christianity, but did you know... God likes "organized religion"; it's clear from both the New and Old Testaments Christians have always believed that men and women are equal The correct pronoun for angels is "he" Science was stillborn everywhere outside the Christian West Christianity, which first taught the world to value victims, is now the victim of a victimhood culture Many "miracles" are actually historical facts Famous atheists haven't been disinterested seekers of truth, but indiviudals with "issues" of their own Planned Parenthood kills more people every six days than the Spanish Inquisition killed in 350 years Michael Foley is an associate professor of patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. He is also the author of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour.

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