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"Incorporates stories from the author's own life to show how Catholicism is contagious; spreading from person to person because of the things Catholics do that are distinctively Catholic"--
Bert Ghezzi describes "Being Catholic Today" as "a jump start for new Catholics and a fresh start for the rest of us". For personal or group use, the book shows Catholics how to put their faith into practice. The title opens with an explanation of what it means to be Catholic and then describes 15 key ways of practicing the Catholic faith.
Catholicism has had an important place in Macau since the earliest days of Portuguese colonization in the sixteenth century. This book, based on extensive original research including in-depth interviews, examines in detail the everyday life of Catholics in Macau at present. It outlines the tremendous societal pressures which Macau is currently undergoing – sovereignty handover and its consequences, the growth of casinos and tourism and the transformation of a serene and somewhat obscure colony into a vibrantly developing city. It shows how, although the formal structures of Catholicism no longer share in rule by the colonial power, and although formal religious observance is declining, nevertheless the personal piety and ethical religious outlook of individual Catholics continue to be strong, and have a huge, and possibly increasing, impact on public life through the application of personal religious ethics to issues of human rights and social justice and in the fields of education and social services.
A comprehensive study of the Catholic worldview, as distinguished from the Protestant perspective, discusses the central motifs of Catholicism including Sacrament, Salvation, and Community, linking these themes to Catholic art and culture and arguing that they encourage a perception of divine imminence.
This lavishly illustrated book chronicles the history, growth, and extraordinary legacy of New York's largest Christian denomination. Co-published with the Museum of the City of New York as a companion to its exhibition on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Archdiocese of New York, this book brings together rare images and original essays to explore the key dimensions of the Catholic experience in New York. Here is a fascinating pictorial record of Catholic struggles and triumphs, and thirteen insightful essays that trace the story of Catholic New York - from people, parishes, and traditions to the schools, hospitals, and other institutions that helped shape the metropolis. The struggles of generations of immigrants and their descendents against prejudice bear fruit in the remarkable ascendance of Catholics in the city's politics. From the emblematic account of one Manhattan parish's life across generations of neighborhood change to freshperspectives on the extraordinary impact of Catholic institutional life on the making of the city, the essays range widely. There's a personal reflection by Pete Hamill on growing up Catholic as well as revealing explorations of the Catholic presence in all corners of New York's social, political, cultural, and educational worlds. Catholic leaders such as Dorothy Day, Al Smith, and Mother Cabrini come to life in other essays. An afterword offers a look at Catholic New York facing new realities of race, ethnic change, and suburbanization after World War II. Blending memorable images with insightful commentary, Catholics in New York tells not just the story of the city's largest community of faith, but offers a new telling of what is for everyone a classic New York story.

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