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Indhold: Geography, government, population, and early history ; Pre-imperial China: ca. 1122-221 B.C. ; Early imperial China: 221 B.C.-A.D. 589 ; Middle and late imperial China: A.D. 589-ca. 1800 ; The tumultuous nineteenth century: External aggression and internal chaos ; Revolution and republic ; The People's Republic: From first breath to Mao's death ; Deng's China ; China in the 1990s ; The twenty-first century: Dealing with a pushy China ; A prosperous and confused island: Taiwan since 1945
The most up-to-date narrative history of Japan from prehistoric times through 1997, written especially for students and general readers.
This book explores ways foreign intervention and external rivalries can affect the institutionalization of governance in weak states. When sufficiently competitive, foreign rivalries in a weak state can actually foster the political centralization, territoriality and autonomy associated with state sovereignty. This counterintuitive finding comes from studying the collective effects of foreign contestation over a weak state as informed by changes in the expected opportunity cost of intervention for outside actors. When interveners associate high opportunity costs with intervention, they bolster sovereign statehood as a next best alternative to their worst fear - domination of that polity by adversaries. Sovereign statehood develops if foreign actors concurrently and consistently behave this way toward a weak state. This book evaluates that argument against three 'least likely' cases - China, Indonesia and Thailand between the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries.
Discusses the political and economic aspects of each period as well as the social and cultural milieu, and includes a timeline, brief biographical notes on key players, and a bibliographic essay.
Chronicles the history of Korea, from prehistoric and medieval times through its conflicts with Japan and the twentieth-century creation of a North and South Korea.
This text provides a thorough examination of the history of Myanmar from Neolithic times to the present. * Provides a chronology of the key events in Myanmar's history * Maps of early Kobang Burma and of Indochina (showing the proposed Burma-Siam-China railway) helps provide perspective * A bibliography of significant materials allows continued study of Myanmar * Includes more than 40 engaging biographical sketches of the key figures in the history of Myanmar * Helpful indexes offer easy reference to key terms
Traces the history of Greece, from ancient times through its emergence as a modern European nation.

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