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Written following the collapse of Rome's secular control over western Europe, the History of Gregory (c. AD 539-594) is a fascinating exploration of the events that shaped sixth-century France. This volume contains all ten books from the work, the last seven of which provide an in-depth description of Gregory's own era, in which he played an important role as Bishop of Tours. With skill and eloquence, Gregory brings the age vividly to life, as he relates the exploits of missionaries, martyrs, kings and queens - including the quarrelling sons of Lothar I, and the ruthless Queen Fredegund, third wife of Chilperic. Portraying an age of staggering cruelty and rapid change, this is a powerful depiction of the turbulent progression of faith at a time of political and social chaos.
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The Alamans were early victims of post-Roman expansion of the Frankish empire; studies consider both races from historical, archaeological and linguistic perspectives.(3-6c)
Focusing on a moment and a source in 19th-century France, Christopher Prendergast takes up a big question that is still with us: What is a classic? His enquiry, which centres on the French critic Sainte-Beuve (1804-69), who asked the question 'Qu'est-ce qu'un classique?' in an essay of 1850, takes us on a tour of the history of the 'classic' that provides insights into and beyond the 'culture wars' of the 19th century.
This comprehensive history of classical learning from the sixth century BCE to 1900 was first published between 1903 and 1908.
What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? The first reply that occurs to us is this: That the Romans were corrupt and enfeebled by corruption; the Barbarians, while rougher, were also stronger and less corrupt. When the latter had once crossed the Rhine and the Danube, their ultimate victory was assured; the Empire was bound to fall, new social conditions were bound to arise. But what had corrupted and weakened a people that had been for so many centuries a model of discipline, virtue, and strength - a people that had conquered the world? Its corruption was a consequence, not a cause, and was the first symptom of the decline that had already begun. The Empire that Livy had seen bending beneath the burden of its own greatness could not last for ever...

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