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This book is a pictorial feast of the asethetic beauty, variety and exuberance of the tropical Iwokrama rain forest in Guyana, South America. The stunning landscapes and regal splendor of one of the four remaining extensive pristine forests in the world have been magnificently captured through the artistic skills and rich palette of Shirley Felts. Shirley Felts exhibits regularly in Britain and America. Her work is in many private and public collections and has been reproduced as posters and prints which are distributed world-wide. She has illustrated books since the 1970s, winning a number of awards.
Identification manual/field guide of the butterflies of the Iwokrama Forest and North Rupununi District as part of the one year survey by researchers at Warwick HRI (led by Dr Doreen Winstanley and Neil Naish) to develop a butterfly farming industry in Guyana that will help support 5000 people in 16 rainforest communities and help save the rainforest itself. The University of Warwick team worked with the Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation in Guyana, a conservation reserve that is a rich source of exotic butterflies that are sought after by many western butterfly farms and other institutions that exhibit collections of live butterflies.
A RUSA 2007 Outstanding Reference Title The Encyclopedia of the Developing World is a comprehensive work on the historical and current status of developing countries. Containing more than 750 entries, the Encyclopedia encompasses primarily the years since 1945 and defines development broadly, addressing not only economics but also civil society and social progress. Entries cover the most important theories and measurements of development; relate historical events, movements, and concepts to development both internationally and regionally where applicable; examine the contributions of the most important persons and organizations; and detail the progress made within geographic regions and by individual countries.
The Guiana Shield is an ancient geological formation located in the northern part of South America, covering an area of one million square kilometres. Despite its hostile environment, it is home to many unusual and highly specialized plants and animals, which constitute a rich area of biodiversity. Chapters in this book include hydrology, nutrient cycling, forest phenology, insect-plant interactions, forest microclimate, plant distributions, forest dynamics and conservation and management of flora and fauna. It provides a comprehensive and detailed review of the ecology, biology and natural history of the forests of the area.
Primate Biogeography is a subject rarely addressed as a discipline in its own right. This comprehensive source introduces the reader to Primate Biogeography as a discipline. It highlights the many factors that may influence the distribution of primates, and reveals the wide range of approaches that are available to understanding the distribution of this order. The biogeography of primates in the past is a major component of our understanding of their evolutionary history and is an essential component of conservation biology. This book will appeal to primatologists, physical anthropologists, zoologists, and undergraduates in these areas.

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