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Eighteen mutilated women in a Shanghai mass grave. But this is only the beginning of a horrific case for Investigator Li Yan and Mei Ling, head of Shanghai's serious crime squad. Ling is a formidable woman, and she appears to threaten Li Yan's relationship with pathologist Margaret Campbell. But when Campbell discovers that the victims were subjected to live autopsies, she knows she'll need all the help she can get. The Killing Room is the third in the acclaimed China Thriller series from Peter May, author of The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man and The Chessmen.
Hilary Thomas, a screenwriter scarred by childhood abuse, and Tony Clemenza, an ace cop and would-be artist, plunge into a love affair while pursuing the psychopath who brutally assaulted Hilary.
A truck housing dozens of dead Chinese immigrants is found in southern Texas. Pathologist Dr Margaret Campbell thought she'd escaped her past by returning to the US from China; but assigned to this investigation she finds herself confronted with her former associate Detective Li Yan, dispatched to investigate the trade in illegal labourers. Forced together again by the case, they soon discover a link to a much wider threat - a biological time-bomb that links gangsters, politicians and migrants in Beijing, Washington and Texas, and puts the lives of millions at risk.
Winter 2007
A top Chinese swimmer kills himself on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. Days later, an Olympic weightlifter dies in the arms of his Beijing mistress. With the world's eyes on China, official explanations are provided in order to reassure the other competing athletes - but could it be that someone is engineering the deaths? Detective Li Yan finds that the only person willing to talk is a champion female runner. But she will only trust one person: the American pathologist, and Li's fiancée, Dr Margaret Campbell. When the runner herself disappears, Li Yan's enemies are set to ruin both his career and his relationship. Li must chase the runner down - before the killers catch up with him.
The Beijing Ripper is at large, using the gruesome methods of his Victorian inspiration in a city as booming and squalid now as London was then. But when Dr Margaret Campbell performs an autopsy on one of his victims, the results send the investigative team reeling. The police, the media and a horrified public are baying for blood, and Campbell's partner, Detective Li Yan, is the detective responsible for delivering the killer to them. However, the Ripper knows exactly who's after him, and when he writes Li a personal letter, the case - and Li's life with Margaret - begin to drastically unravel. Only one thing is certain: to save himself and his family, Li must find out who the Ripper really is.
LI YAN AND MARGARET CAMPBELL RETURN IN A NEW SHORT STORY, YEARS AFTER THE DRAMATIC CONCLUSION OF CHINESE WHISPERS. 'I saw your missing girl at a ghost wedding last week. She was the bride.' It has been a whirlwind few years for Li Yan and Margaret Campbell. Nowadays, both are busy juggling their huge professional workloads - Li as the newly promoted chief of Beijing's serious crime squad, and Campbell as lecturer at the University of Public Security - with the day-to-day raising of their young son, Li Jon. When a desperate mother appeals to Campbell's own maternal instincts, Li agrees to look into the disappearance of a 17-year-old Beijing girl, Jiang Meilin. Yet Li's investigation soon turns from a favour into a full-scale murder enquiry. And when he receives an anonymous note he learns Jiang Meilin's death is tied to a dangerous underground trade, and a dark marital rite from China's past.

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