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J.G. Boswell was the biggest farmer in America. He built a secret empire while thumbing his nose at nature, politicians, labor unions and every journalist who ever tried to lift the veil on the ultimate "factory in the fields." The King of California is the previously untold account of how a Georgia slave-owning family migrated to California in the early 1920s,drained one of America 's biggest lakes in an act of incredible hubris and carved out the richest cotton empire in the world. Indeed, the sophistication of Boswell 's agricultural operation -from lab to field to gin - is unrivaled anywhere. Much more than a business story, this is a sweeping social history that details the saga of cotton growers who were chased from the South by the boll weevil and brought their black farmhands to California. It is a gripping read with cameos by a cast of famous characters, from Cecil B. DeMille to Cesar Chavez.
This volume of essays marks the fifteenth year of archival and critical work conducted under the auspices of the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project at the University of Houston. This ongoing and comprehensive program seeks to locate, identify, preserve, and disseminate the literary contributions of U.S. Latinos from the Spanish Colonial Period to contemporary times. The contributors explore key issues and challenges in this project, such as the issue of its legitimacy and acceptance in teh academic canon, whether the basic archival phase of the Recovery Project is complete, and if teh assumption that there is widespread recognition of the existence and vitality of a centuries-long U.S. Hispanic literary tradition may be premature and perhaps imprudent. Originally presented at the biennial conferences of the Recovery project, the essays are divided in five sections: "Rethinking Latino/a Subject Positions," "Negotiating Cultural Authority and the Canon," "Orality, Performance, and the Archive," "Re-Contextualizing Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton," and "Bibliographic Reports." Covering a wide range of topics, essays include "Bending Chicano Identity and Experience in Arturo Isla's Early Borderland Short Stories," "Recovering Mexican America in the Classroom," and "Early New Mexican Criticism: The Case of Breve Resena de la literatura hispana de Nuevo Mexico y Colorado." In their introduction, editors Kenya Dworkin y Mendez and Agnes Lugo-Ortiz give an overview of the editorial framing of the previous volumes in the series and discuss the significant research issues and agendas raised over the past fifteen years. This volume, like the ones that precede it, is bilingual, confirming the cultural politics that have animated the Recovery Project since its inception: the understanding that the U.S. is a complex multicultural and multilingual society.
Greil Marcus verfolgt Bob Dylans Werk mit der Intensität eines Fans und der Hartnäckigkeit eines Detektivs - von Dylans Anfängen bis heute. Die Beiträge in diesem Buch reichen von Artiklen im amerikanischen Rolling Stone wie jedem berühmt berüchtigten über SELF PORTRAIT 1970, der vielleicht verschriensten Plattenkritik aller Zeiten, bis hin zu einer 30 Jahre später erschienenen Würdigung der Tiefen von OUT OF MIND. Das Ergebnis ist eine funkelnde und beständige Chronik einer über 40 Jahre andauernden Beziehung zwischen einem unvergleichlichen Sänger und seinem aufmerksamsten Zuhöhrer. GREIL MARCUS veröffentlichte zahlreiche Bücher, u. a. When That Rough God Goes Riding, Like a Rolling Stone, The Old, Weird America, The Shape of Things to Come, Mystery Train, Dead Elvis, In the Fascist Bathroom; 2009 erschien anlässlich des 20-jährigen Jubiläums eine Neuauflage seines Buchs Lipstick Traces. Seit 2000 lehrt er in Berkeley, Princeton und an der New School in New York; seine Kolumne »Real Life RockTop 10« erscheint regelmäßig im Believer. Er lebt in Berkeley.
Böse Ex-Cops, intrigante Killer, feige FBI-Informanten und gefährliche Frauen - im Spiel um Macht, Millionen und Sex sind sie alle willfährige Marionetten, gelenkt von Politikern und ihren zweifelhaften Freunden. James Ellroys Abschluss der Underworld-Trilogie ist ein gnadenlos spannender Thriller und ein literarisches Ereignis. USA, 1968: Nixon und Humphrey kandidieren für das Präsidentenamt. Der Wahlkampf ist hart und geprägt von Verleumdung und Korruption. Die Ermordung von Martin Luther King und Robert Kennedy, die Proteste von Schwarzen und Studenten wie auch der Vietnamkrieg bringen Unruhe in das Amerika jener Tage. In Los Angeles beschäftigt Scotty Bennett vom LAPD der ungeklärte brutale Überfall auf einen Geldtransporter, bei dem mehrere Millionen Dollar und eine größere Menge Smaragde verschwanden. Je mehr er bei den Ermittlungen in die Nähe der Machtzentren gerät, desto gefährdeter ist seine Mission - und auch sein Leben. Steckte das FBI hinter dem Überfall? Flossen die Millionen in Nixons Wahlkampf? Was hat Howard Hughes Nixon versprochen? James Ellroy führt zu den Hintertreppen der Macht und besticht mit seiner radikalen Gesellschaftskritik, einer explosiven Mischung aus Verschwörung und Gewalt, Besessenheit, Sex und Drogen.
This volume of original essays by leading scholars is an innovative, thorough introduction to the history and culture of California. Includes 30 essays by leading scholars in the field Essays range widely across perspectives, including political, social, economic, and environmental history Essays with similar approaches are paired and grouped to work as individual pieces and as companions to each other throughout the text Produced in association with the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West
Teddy Roosevelt once exclaimed, ''When I am in California, I am not in the West, I am west of the West,'' and in this book, Mark Arax sets out to explain just what TR meant. His is a compelling, sometimes ominous portrait of a place and its people who are often surviving on the edge, reliving history, and losing their way in the promised land: ''The Summer of the Death of Hilario Guzman'' is a deeply-felt portrait of an immigrant family from Oaxaca, followed through harrowing border crossings and raisin harvests; ''the Last Okie of Lamont,'' (the inspiration for the town featured in The Grapes of Wrath) has only one Okie left, who tells Arax his life story as he drives to a funeral to bury one more Dust Bowl migrant; and ''Highlands of Humboldt'' is a visit to the marijuana growing capital of the U.S., where the local bank collects a sizeable daily deposit of cash, most of which reeks of marijuana.Combining hard-hitting reporting and stellar writing, Arax captures both the atmosphere of social upheaval and the sense of being rooted in a community. Once you meet the people portrayed in this book, you won't forget them.

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