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A young liege goes to battle in a medieval land teetering on the brink of civil war and church-sanctioned genocide in the second chronicle of the reign of King Kelson In troubled Gwynedd, the crown sits heavy on the head of King Kelson Haldane. In a realm historically torn asunder by deep-seated suspicion and fear of the magical Deryni who live among them, young Kelson is both beloved for his humanity and abhorred for his Deryni blood. Now, the traitorous cleric, Bishop Loris, has joined forces with Queen Caitrin, the Pretender of Meara, in her attempts to rip her homeland away from Gwyneddan rule. But Loris has even darker intentions. His scheme to reignite the terrible flames of holy civil war against the Deryni, coupled with Caitrin’s campaign of violent secession, draw Kelson and his army away from the royal court—where, in the king’s absence, an assassination plot is brewing. An extraordinary world-builder, acclaimed fantasist Katherine Kurtz returns readers to the Middle Ages of an alternate Earth in her continuing chronicles of the Deryni. Kurtz’s second history of the troubled reign of King Kelson is a breathtaking tale of majesty, magic, war, treachery, faith, and intolerance that once again brings a fascinating world and its diverse peoples to glorious life.
An annotated bibliography of the writings of fantasy writer Katherine Kurtz, with an interview of Kurtz by Robert Reginald and Jeffrey M. Elliot. Complete with index.
Adds 1,600 new books and 400 new series, maintaining the first volume's successful formula.
Provides biographical information on the men and women who write and illustrate children's books.
A guide to series fiction lists popular series, identifies novels by character, and offers guidance on the order in which to read unnumbered series.
In this new retrospective collection spanning almost forty years, Pilgrim Award- and Collector's Award-winning fantasy novelist, critic, and bibliographer Robert Reginald contributes forty-five essays on writers of fantastic literature, including such major and minor figures as: Piers Anthony, Edwin Lester Arnold, Margaret Atwood, John Kendrick Bangs, Leslie Barringer, John Bellairs, Arthur Byron Cover, Lindsey Davis, Alexander de Comeau, Daphne du Maurier, R. Lionel Fanthorpe, H. Rider Haggard, Charlotte Haldane, Edward Heron-Allen, Eleanor M. Ingram, Vernon Knowles, Katherine Kurtz, Andrew Lang, Fritz Leiber, Bruce McAllister, Ward Moore, Robert Nathan, Sir Henry Newbolt, William F. Nolan, John Norman, Keith Roberts, Michael Reaves, Brian Stableford, and George Zebrowski. Also included is a comprehensive bibliography and history of the publications of Starmont House, Inc., and FAX Collector's Editions, a selection of reviews and obituaries, a bibliography, and detailed index. This unique literary collection will prove of interest both to students and researchers alike. This second edition features fifteen new pieces, including the author's earliest published critique (1968), and a number of original autobiographical reflections on his life and career penned shortly after his heart attack in 2003.

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