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Assisting a hysterical woman who claims she was forced to commit murder, serial murder expert Dr. Charlotte Stone reluctantly draws on her ability to communicate with the newly dead to uncover the work of a sadistic serial killer.
Investigating the brutal murders of two vacationing families in sunny Virginia Beach, FBI agents Ryan Sinclair and Buzz Crane suspect the work of a notorious serial killer and tap the skills of preeminent clinical expert Charlotte Stone, who is also the culprit's only known survivor. By the best-selling author of Justice. 75,000 first printing.
In this world, Dr. Charlotte Stone skillfully probes the twisted minds of serial killers, the better to understand and apprehend them. In the next world, though, her ghostly lover - convicted killer Michael Garland -- is facing death yet again, unless she can save his soul from oblivion by proving his innocence. This dead man's dead ringer may be the key. Rick Hughes could be Michael Garland's identical twin, but Charlie suspects that behind the handsome face lurks the murderer whose crimes Michael paid for. Now she's determined to use her profiling talents to uncover the truth. But when a prison break frees a gang of psychopaths, duty calls Charlie to join the manhunt -- even if it makes her a target. And if Michael wants to hold her one last time, he must make a devil's bargain: to trade his doom for her deliverance.
Madness and murder invaded Dr. Charlotte Stone's life when she was just a girl -- and made her a woman determined to save others from the horror she survived. An expert in the psychology of serial killers, she's faced down more than her share of human monsters. But Charlie can also communicate with the spirits of those who die violently, an extrasensory skill that has helped the FBI bring lethal predators to justice. Now, after narrowly escaping death a second time, Charlie's ready to step away from the edge . . . before her luck runs out.
The beautiful vistas of Pawleys Island hide a dark side—the murder of a local girl fifteen years ago and the strange disappearance of her two friends. The story of the unsolved crime could be journalist Nicole Sullivan’s big break. But while Nicole works intimately with the Police Chief Joe Franconi,her investigation takes a haunting turn when another young woman is murdered. As the body count rises, so does Nicole’s fear that a killer has come home to Pawleys Island to bury a terrifying secret, and resurrect the haunting legacy of a shocking and unforgivable crime.
From the New York Times bestselling author of Guilty When the First Lady dies in a fiery car crash, rookie attorney Jessica Ford is the only survivor of the tragedy. As the nation mourns, Ford has reason to believe it wasn't an accident. One by one, others in the First Lady's inner circle are being killed. Jessica must find out why- before she's next.
Impetuous English beauty Lady Amanda Rose was determined to escape the loveless marriage that her cruel stepbrother would impose on her. She never imagined that a mysterious rogue from the new world would be the man to change her destiny.
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