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This book is designed to be used in conjunction with the Official Guide for GMAT Review, 2015 and 13th Editions. In the Official Guide Companion, each math question is broken down and explained by our expert instructors, who not only have 99th percentile scores, but years of experience teaching the GMAT. The explanations in this book provide detailed, step-by-step approaches to every Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency question in the Official Guide. Where appropriate, The Official Guide Companion also details more than one way to arrive at the solution. And perhaps most importantly, all explanations are accessible and provide a framework for answering the particular question as well as similar questions you may see on the real test. Purchase of this book includes six months of online access to 6 full-length, computer-adaptive practice exams and GMAT Navigator.
Get the grade you need and prepare for the business world with CONCISE MANAGERIAL STATISTICS. Learn Business Statistics without the complicated math. Fully integrating the use of computers with statistics, the textbook describes the concepts and applications of business statistics and gives you an opportunity to observe and actually carry out computer-generated solutions using SPSS, Microsoft Excel, and MINITAB. Plus, this volume comes with access to InfoTrac College Edition! Save time, save money--and eliminate the trek to the library and long waits for reserved readings with this online university library of more than 5,000 academic and popular magazines, newspapers, and journals. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Merit Badge Guide is a book for Scouts, Scouters and merit badge collectors. It shows by means of pictures and written explanation on how to recognize Boy Scout merit badges, and to find out what type they are, from the picture, or from what you see in the badge. You will see how they evolved in the progression, merging and subdivision section. The book has chapters on merit badge types, merit badge borders, on individual merit badges, AA badges, Eagle required Silver border badges, and ?pre-AA badges. Merit badge chapter explains what you see on the badge. The book is written by 3 Scouts, 2 of whom are Eagle Scouts from USA, and one is a Lion Scout from Kenya who has been and remains a Scouting leader with several honors to his credit. One of the authors is a physician, one is going to become a physician, and one is a chartered accountant and CEO of a very well established medical research facility. All 3 authors have already excelled in their environment of choosing, and remain active in their work. The ultimate goal is to help increase interest in Scouting, both for boys and girls, as this book is a prequel to "Scout's Values for All."
The ninth installment in the delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno. Bruno’s village of St. Denis has been called many things, but a hotbed of international intrigue has never been one of them . . . until now. When an undercover agent is found murdered just as a prodigal son is set to retun from a grim tour in the Middle East, the small town suddenly finds itself host to a determined global tribunal, threatening the usual cheer brought by St. Denis’s annual wine festival. With clever twists and action aplenty, The Children Return is a journey to St. Denis that readers won’t soon forget.
In the sixth entry in the New York Times bestselling mystery series that the Los Angeles Times called “nothing short of masterful,” Chet and Bernie are handed a hard case in the Big Easy. Chet and Bernie, the best canine/human P.I. team in the business, encounter a prison work crew that includes Frenchie Boutette, an old pal they sent up the river. Frenchie begs Bernie to go find his brother Ralph, a reclusive inventor who has disappeared—along with his houseboat—from the bayou. Not long after, Bernie fends off a deadly attack from a member of a shadowy gang called the Q’s. The attacker dies without revealing anything. In bayou country, Chet and Bernie meet the no-good Boutette family and their ancient enemies, the maybe-even-worse Robideaus. At first it looks like Ralph’s disappearance is tied to a dispute between the two families over a load of stolen shrimp. But Chet turns up a buried clue that sends them in a new and dangerous direction involving the oil business. The more they find out about Ralph and what he knew, the less their chances of surviving to do anything about it. Now they’re up against Big Oil, shadowy black ops figures, and the Q’s—plus Iko, a legendary bayou gator with a big appetite… A top-notch addition to the “deliciously addictive” (Publishers Weekly) series, The Sound and the Furry is an irresistibly suspenseful and humorous read that will keep you begging for more.
Nothing is simple anymore in this new Undead world. Crossing the street, making tea, meeting new people, all can turn deadly in a twitch of an eye. For the Renegades who are unarmed and hounded across half the state by bounty hunters, there's only one thing that they can say is simple: dying. Surrounded by enemies and without the help of the imprisoned Captain Grey, they flee from one trap into another with little besides the wit of Jillybean and Neil's steadfast leadership to keep them alive. Is it enough? Not by a long shot. They have to dig deep and take wild chances to stay out of the clutches of the River King...and they find out the hard way that there are consequences to rolling the dice against the devil.
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