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Challenging the common assumption that the Treaty of Versailles led to the opening of a second European war, this book provides an analysis of the attempts to reconstruct Europe during the 1920s. It examines the efforts that failed but also those which gave hope for future promise that are usually underestimated, if not ignored.
Addresses the much-ignored history of British policy towards Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland following the creation of nation states in Central Europe at the end of the First World War. Lojko convincingly argues that the absence of trust in the new political settlement and the discrediting of the traditional channels of diplomacy resulted in British influence in the region, being exerted mainly in the forms of commercial and financial undertakings.
Following on her acclaimed study of the collapse of international security during the early 1930s, Zara Steiner gives a dramatic and authoritative account of the coming catastrophe. She shows that the era of Hitler's rise to power, an ascent bent on war, was founded on ideologies which the democratic perception could neither penetrate nor arrest. Like few others, this survey takes both European and East Asian conflicts into interlocking accounts. In the light ofnew material, she refutes attempts to whitewash Mussolini; argues that Anglo-French military response in 1938 had realistic prospects; traces the global ramifications of Sino-Japanese wars; andre-evalues Moscow's diplomatic options. Zara Steiner shows that only Hitler regarded the Jewish question as of primary importance. Lucid, formidably documented, this profoundly original work will alter our perceptions of the tragic, decisive epoch from which our present world-map has emerged.
Austrian-Greek Encounters over the Centuries does not only look back to the past, but it also tries to develop perspectives for the future. It sheds new light on an incredible wealth and diversity of important links between Austria and Greece. Two highly visible expressions of this intense relationship, amongst many others, are the emblematic buildings of the Academy of Athens and the Austrian Parliament with the Athena Fountain in front. This is why these two buildings, which were both officially opened in 1883 and designed by the same architect, Theophil Hansen, are shown on the front cover of this book. They bear witness to the strong relationship between Austrian and Greek culture over the centuries and moreover testify to the continuing relevance of the Hellenic culture in the middle of Europe.
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