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As a mentor you must be many things: role model, expert, advocate, cheerleader, enforcer and friend. Plus you must make a positive, lasting difference to the knowledge, skills and prospects of your mentee. So, being a mentor is a big responsibility. But with The Mentoring Manual, getting it right is easy. Based on methods developed - and proven – in business, this highly practical book will show you how mentoring works, take you step-by-step through everything you need to know and do, and show you how both parties can get the best from the relationship. · Understand what mentoring really is and how to do it well · Feel fully confident in your ability to be a great mentor · Develop key skills like listening, collaboration and coaching · Help your mentee feel more knowledgeable, confident and valued · Pass on your skills, experience and expertise to colleagues and contacts Get the most from mentoring: help your mentee, develop your skills and make a positive difference “A breath of fresh air compared with many books on coaching and mentoring. The process of mentoring and the potential pitfalls are presented in a clear and challenging way.” David Megginson, Emeritus Professor of HRD, Sheffield Hallam University “A clear, pragmatic and accessible guide for mentors.” Professor David Clutterbuck, author, speaker, and co-founder of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council
This book is for those who are chairing their first search, trying to avoid some of the mistakes they made during their last search, interested in picking up a few pointers that have helped other department chairs and deans, or hoping to get the next hire right simply because they are dedicated to the job.
Successful people are always talking about the role their mentors played in their lives. What they don't tell you is how hard they had to work to mine that mentorship gold. When it comes to finding an amazing mentor you have two choices: 1) you can wait for a fairy-godmother like mentor to see your potential and pull you out of your current situation, or 2) you can learn how to be an amazing protégé and get the most out of the mentors around you. You are closer to success than you think and there are mentors who really want to help you get there. The catch is... they have no idea how to mentor you. But don't worry, you can make those mentorships work by jumping in the driver's seat and owning the role of a protégé by: learning "how to learn", setting strategic goals, developing a plan, watching for gaps in the process, asking better questions, and measuring your progress. Modern Mentor: How to find a mentor and make it work, walks through a prescriptive process for identifying quality mentors and establishing strong mentoring relationships from the role of a protégé. By first recognizing the different stages of learning described as acquiring knowledge, developing skill, and then demonstrating ability, the first section, Learning how to Learn, will recalibrate the way readers think about learning new things. Section two, Making a Mentor, reviews the different types of advisors available: consultants, coaches, mentors, and trainers; how these advisors stack up against different learning needs; and how to get the ball rolling with a new mentor. The final and largest section, Becoming a Better Protégé, walks readers through established processes, tips, and routines that increase the quality and output of any mentoring relationship. Included as a free resource are several downloadable worksheets and exercises that directly align with the Becoming a Better Protégé model.
Mentoring and coaching are positive and encouraging ways for schools to manage staff performance and leadership development, but turning to outside bodies for training and expertise can be expensive and time-consuming. Internally equipping staff with the skills to coach others is a fantastic way to overcome this boundary and, over time, these highly transferable skills will further teachers' professional development and help them realise their career ambitions. In Bloomsbury CPD Library: Mentoring and Coaching, Marcella McCarthy draws on her experiences as a school leader to explain different theories of coaching and mentoring, examine research and demonstrate its advantages in various situations, so as to guide you step-by-step through practical methods of coaching and mentoring that can be easily implemented in your own school. There are example scenarios to tackle that will prepare you for a multitude of real-life situations and the easy-to-understand, concise methods of self-evaluation help ensure that mentors track their development and continuously improve their approach. The book provides a set of ready-to-use training plans to help you develop mentoring and coaching across your school and is accompanied by PowerPoint slides and resources available to download online for free. It offers 14 hours of CPD, equating to a cost of just £1.65 per hour of training!
Are you looking for ideas, advice and guidance to make you an effective Learning Mentor? This practical book is designed to help those new to the Learning Mentor role avoid common pitfalls, and to help those with more experience to develop their skills. Written by an expert practitioner, the book includes: - step-by-step advice on how to be a good Learning Mentor - guidance on working with school management teams, teachers and parents - advice on how to provide effective student support - case studies to illustrate best practice - suggested strategies for monitoring and evaluating interventions - templates to use and adapt - substantial electronic resource materials available from the SAGE website to use with the book. An inspiring read for all primary and secondary Learning Mentors and trainee Learning Mentors, this book is relevant to anyone involved with student support and pastoral care. Stephanie George is a teacher and manager of the Learning Support Unit at Plashet School, East London where she is responsible for the training of learning mentors.
A comprehensive resource to help churches build a thriving marriage mentoring program. Les and Leslie Parrott are passionate about how marriage mentoring can transform couples, families, and entire congregations. The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring includes life-changing insights and essential skills for: • Preparing engaged and newlywed couples • Maximizing marriages from good to great • Repairing marriages in distress Practical guidelines help mentors and couples work together as a team, agree on outcomes, and develop skills for the marriage mentoring process. Appendixes offer a wealth of additional resources and tools. An exhaustive resource for marriage mentorship in any church setting, this guide also includes insights from interviews with church leaders and marriage mentors from around the country. “The time is ripe for marriage mentoring, and this book is exactly what we need.” — Gary Smalley, author of The DNA of Relationships
This manual will show new subject leaders how to get to grips with their new responsibilities and duties, whilst also reminding experienced subject leaders of best practice and introducing new ideas and thoughts.

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