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This book offers an up-to-date and definitive explanation of how to build relationships via social media in the sales process and is a guide to encouraging sales people to embrace these revolutionary techniques. * Enlightening case studies of the use of social media in sales, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, and social bookmarking * Written with the input of contributing experts in the field of social networking, sales, communication, and consumer purchasing behavior * Includes ten ways to boost ROI using the "New Handshake" methods * Illustrations depicting the Tannebaum and Schmidt decision-making model, as well as screenshots from blogs, Constant Contact, Delicious, Digg, and LinkedIn * A complete bibliography serves as a handy resource guide
“A major breakthrough in the way goods and services [are] sold. When Mack Hanan speaks, we should all listen—really listen.” – Selling Magazine Do you sell products or services? It doesn’t matter: What you’re really selling is customer profit. You help your customers and clients make profitable business decisions, and you are both rewarded with the fruits of a long-term business relationship. For 40 years, Mack Hanan’s Consultative Selling has empowered countless sales professionals to reap maximum success, and the Eighth Edition is here to take them—and you—to the next level, with brand new sections on: Creating a two-tiered sales model to separate consultative sales from commodity sales • Building and using consultative databases for value propositions and proof of performance • Studying your customers’ cash flows to win proposals • Using consultative selling strategies on the Web • Coping with—and reversing—the inevitable “no” Consultative Selling is packed with new partnering strategies, cost/benefit analysis templates, detailed monetized value proposition models, outcome-based branding approaches, and powerful consulting tactics that will make your customers’ competition—and your own rivals—irrelevant.
Practical applications for using social media to boost your business Even today's most successful businesses are seeing shrinking returns on their advertising and marketing dollars. The Digital Handshake explains why advertising and marketing are losing their effectiveness and how to solve the problem using social media to corral elusive consumers. It explains the best practical business applications in current use and how you can use them to ramp up your business. Using case studies gleaned from real businesses, author Paul Chaney shows you how companies both large and small that can tap social media to mitigate market changes and reap valuable business benefit in the real world. Explains how you can use social media to grow your business and connect with consumers Author Paul Chaney is a leading authority on blogging and social media Covers practical, effective business applications for blogging, social networking, online video, microblogging and much more Shows how to design a comprehensive marketing strategy using traditional and new media platforms Today's technology can either undermine your marketing efforts or enhance them. The Digital Handshake helps you make sure the Internet grows your business for the long run.
Powerful networking tools that drive rapid, sustainable growth.
The Fundamentals of Sports Media and Sponsorship Sales: Developing New Accounts is a tutorial in narrative form that provides practical step-by-step instruction on how to develop new sports sponsors and advertisers. There's guidance covering the gamut from getting organized, identifying prospects, preparing for the first conversation, commanding the room when presenting a proposal and closing a piece of business. PricewaterhouseCooper forecasts media rights and sponsorship will grow to $37 billion annually by 2018. In 2009, sponsorship and sports media rights produced just north of $20 billion. In today's general environment of restrained growth, sports revenue continues to outpace the expansion of many mainstream industries. Sales are the backbone of support for both these revenue sources. Because of these projections, there will be an accelerated need to find and train best-in-class sports sellers. But sports sellers don't have it easy. There are enough emotional challenges to weaken the resolve of even the best salespeople. As such, the text is chock-full of motivational suggestions and stimulating success stories. The book provides counseling to help sellers maintain their emotional equanimity through the crucibles that they tackle regularly. There are chapters on what sellers can learn from great leaders and many tips and tricks to get through gatekeepers and other obstacles. There are also interviews with some major marketing and advertising executives who share their views on a variety of subjects including how new sports sponsorship opportunities are best presented to them and what they consider to be both helpful and annoying behavior by sellers. Whether it's the chief marketing officer of Wal-Mart or the sponsorship head of MasterCard, the guidance they share is precious. The last chapter covers inspiring cold call successes including the three greatest in sports history; the sale of the naming rights to Barclays for the arena in Brooklyn, the NASCAR sale to Nextel for the naming rights to its cup series and most recently, the multi-million dollar sale by a relative newcomer to the business to Moda Health, covering the naming rights to the Rose Garden in Portland. As a result of this achievement, the seller, Uzma Rawn, was selected to Forbes' top 30 under 30 in the sports space.
The book aims to give an insight into the multifacetedness of changes the Internet – referred to here as the digital world – triggers in both theory and practice of marketing and management. The book has been divided into 5 subject areas, i.e. management, strategy, communications, brand, and consumer, all of which act as the main themes of subsequent chapters.
Clo Willaerts explains how online conversations can be observed, influenced and transformed into conversions, resulting in the kind of return on investment everybody likes: lower costs and higher revenue. Take a look inside the book: Social media has disrupted traditional marketing, advertising and even business models. In fact, traditional marketing is dead! Ordinary people, millions of them, are using social media every day to solve their problems: coping with information overload, finding a new job or even a new boyfriend. Just as importantly, they collect information and opinions before deciding what to spend their money on. The people you used to know as your targeted audience, your consumers or even your prospects are now using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube to start and join millions of conversations, which can be both valuable and trivial. But how can businesses learn to listen into and monitor these conversations without getting a headache? How can they successfully build and maintain a presence which allows them to 'fish where the fish are?' How can they align their business objectives with their social media efforts? And what should they actually do now that social media has irreversibly changed the way that companies do business and hire people? Internet expert Clo Willaerts offers us convincing practical answers to all these questions. Using her Conversity model and a number of inspiring case studies, she explains how conversations can be observed, influenced and transformed into conversions, resulting in the kind of return on investment everybody likes: lower costs and higher revenue.

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