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Whatever your role, practice or educational environment, here are the tools and techniques you can use to realize your leadership potential, advance your career, and contribute to the future of nursing. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the 5th Edition features a new chapter, The Phenomenon of Leadership: Classic/Historical and Contemporary Leadership Theories, as well as expanded coverage of the Institute of Medicine initiatives and how they relate to leadership that ensures high-quality and safer care in our complex, chaotic health-care delivery systems. You’ll also find more critical-thinking exercises in each chapter
-- Leadership text specifically focused on nurses and nursing -- Each chapter includes an abstract of the contents, a synthesis of extensive readings on the specific topic, and a variety of activities that will help the reader better understand the topic and its relation to leadership and the development of individuals as leaders -- Makes distinction between leadership and management, that leadership is not an innate ability but one that can be learned and developed through conscious and purposeful effort, and that each nurse can advance as a leader in the profession -- Extensive writings about leadership by experts in that field, and not limited to nursing -- Provides a clear future orientation, including what organizations are expected to look like in the future, the skills that people associated with those organizations will need to survive and thrive, and the need to plan for a blending of professional and personal commitments -- Pedagogy includes highlighted key terms in the text, summary of key points at the end of the chapters, critical thinking activities, references, and glossary at the end of the book
Whatever your role, practice or educational environment, here are the tools and techniques you can use to realize your leadership potential, advance your career, and contribute to the future of nursing. This 2009 AJN Book of the Year Winner, by two noted educators in the field of leadership development, guides you through the process. An easy-to-read, interactive approach helps you identify the characteristics of leaders and followers and illustrates not only how, but also when to use the qualities associated with each to achieve professional and personal success.
Based on the authors' personal experience and research, "Leading Global Project Teams" looks at effective global team leadership from a holistic perspective, showing that globalization strategy and global execution must be tightly aligned with many working as a collective, collaborative team that happens to be separated by distance, time, culture, and organizational position.
Facts101 is your complete guide to The New Leadership Challenge , Creating the Future of Nursing. In this book, you will learn topics such as Followership and Empowerment, Leadership as an Integral Component of a Professional Role, Vision and Creativity, and Gender Perspectives in Leadership plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.
Drawn from the results of five seminars this unique book looks at the four areas of: public sector reform; essential features for public leaders; public leadership in action; and the outline of a public leadership approach for the future. It seeks to give public leadership a firm foothold within the study of leadership in general.
"Adam was stuck." And with this simple phrase, The Leader's Climb introduces the reader to an engaging tale of how leaders often ascend quickly to the top, only to unknowingly slip down a path of decline-until it is too late. In this novel approach to the subject, set against the backdrop of a rock-climbing vacation gone awry, executive coaches Bob Parsanko and Paul Heagen draw from decades of success with business executives to reveal an all-too-familiar path of leadership struggles. The protagonist, Adam, is capable and well-meaning but has a confidence bordering on hubris, and blind spots that could be the end of him. That is, until unlikely encounters with a park ranger and a home handyman, who become confidants and mentors, reveal new insights to Adam. Through their wisdom, and the realities of the hard knocks of business, Adam gets "unstuck" and begins to turn around his life and career with three fundamental principles of personal growth: awareness, acceptance, and abundance.

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