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The cross is an historical event that can bring us to heaven… And a current event bringing heaven to bear on us In The Power of the Cross, Tony Evans applies Christ’s work to life today. In three parts, he systematically and pastorally explains three aspects of the cross: Its Person: What makes Christ unique, and how He is the center of salvation history Its Purpose: What was accomplished on it, and how it is to be the centerpiece of our lives Its Power: The stability and deliverance it provides in our everyday living We wear crosses around our necks, but do we apply it to our lives? Jesus’ work holds incredible power for us. It’s time we embrace it, for God’s glory and our joy. Read The Power of the Cross to find out how.
The Power of the Cross reveals in a most simple yet compelling way the plan, purpose, and potential of Christ's life and sacrifice as it relates to all believers. Jesus died for much more than your sins. Christ died for your physical and spiritual healing, deliverance from bondage, prosperity, and eternal security. This book takes you on a journey through the Scriptures to show you all of the blessings and glorious inheritance you have in Christ and how it is all available to you by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
You've got to activate the power to experience the power. What would happen if our phones and computers ran out of power and couldn't be recharged? They would still have everything necessary to provide us with what we use them for, but without power they’d be useless. There is something more powerful than the technology we use each day. And it has an even greater capacity to positively impact and enrich our lives in every way. Yet it is an untapped, frequently inactivated resource. That something is the cross. In this book, Dr. Tony Evans will help you understand how to activate the power of the cross, gaining access to all of the benefits, blessings, and power contained within it and through it, so that you can live the empowered and victorious life God intended.
In this book about faith, Magua discusses the journey of literary living by faith, beginning from accepting Christ as Savior right into the physical reality of heaven.
Andrew Murray wrote, “I am deeply convinced that we Christians can never know too much about the truths which the blood proclaims. This combined edition contains 20 discourses on this vital subject. They were previously published as two books: The Power of the Blood of Jesus and The Blood of The Cross.
The Things That Cross My Mind is a collection of poetic thoughts and expressions intended to build people from the inside out by exploring four facets of relationship: About God and me; about relationship; about being single; and about life. Its poetry and psalms are designed to inspire, enrich, and help others approach life with confidence and assurance that they are important to God and significant to this world. Your gifts are needed; He gave them to you for a purpose. The Things That Cross My Mind will help you override societal notions of who you should be and assist you in accepting yourself in spite of what others think. It will also help you to love God and self, and know that you are worthy to be loved. Moreover, the entries inform single persons that they have so much to offer and that they do not have to sell themselves to get what they are gifted to accomplish. Giving clear insight into how much God loves you, the poetic expressions break down stereotypes and other barriers that hinder self-worth. The Things That Cross My Mind will allow you to be strengthened, directed, enriched, encouraged, healed while simultaneously allowing you to laugh and stand.
The Power of the Cross The cross of Jesus is the epicenter of God’s glory for His creation. What happened when God reconciled the world to Himself through Christ is a spectacle of ever-unfolding majesty. Simple enough for a child to fully experience, the cross is a demonstration of God’s perfection and your key to inner harmony. Every effect has a cause, and every cause an effect. The cross changes everything. It is not a past-tense event. The moment Jesus uttered, “It is finished,” a supernatural storehouse became the possession of all who find their place beneath its shadow. The cross is your history made and yet to be discovered. Through The Power of the Cross Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda invite you to enter a new personal encounter with the Presence of God. Come receive His transforming glory for manifest miracles in your life and begin to transmit that energy to others. Bio (Word count: 64) Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda lead a worldwide apostolic ministry. With over three miracle-packed decades of experience, the Chavdas have led more than one million people to Christ, and seen thousands healed. Authors of numerous best-sellers, they are co-founders and senior pastors of All Nations Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia and lead a global prayer movement called the Watch of the LordTM. Their television program, The Watch, is viewed world-wide.

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