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A riveting historical account of a prisoner in a Turkish penal colony and the letters he sent to religious and secular leaders that changed the world. Between 1867 and 1873 a solitary prisoner in a Turkish penal colony wrote a series of letters to the kings and emperors of the day, predicting with amazing accuracy the course of modern history: the fall of several nations, the overthrow of certain individual monarchs, the decline of specific religious institutions, the rise of communism, and the threat of nuclear weapons. The prisoner was Bahullh, Prophet and Founder of the Bah Faith, one of the most remarkable figures in this or any age.
Takes the reader on a journey to deeper, more intimate knowledge of the spirit, and ultimately, to healing. From personal experience and study, author and therapist Dr. Patricia Romano McGraw teaches how to access the wisdom of our hearts, which hold the keys to true happiness and fulfillment. Orginal.
Have you ever wondered what other religions teach about creation, prayer, faith? Gems from the Worlds Great Scriptures answers these questions and more in a beautifully arranged selection of scriptures taken from six religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Bah Faith. Each chapter covers a different topic and offers insight and inspiration on a theme gleaned from the sacred writings of different faiths. What emerges is a unique love storythe story of Gods love and guidance for all humankind.
The first ever trade history of a landmark of American letters--Martin Luther King Jr's legendary Letter from Birmingham Jail.
"During the sixteen years it took to write, compile, and produce all twenty-seven volumes, the writers had to defy authorities and face exile, jail, and censorship, as well as numerous internal falling-outs and philosophical differences. Encyclopedie's editors and contributors daily skirted danger based solely on their belief systems. Compiling this collection made them - the Encyclopedists, as they came to be called - the most feared men in all of Versailles and the intellectual leaders of the French Revolution. In Enlightening the World, novelist and historian Philipp Blom breathes new life into the sixteen-year struggle to create the Encyclopedie, by portraying the men who wrote it, the powerful forces that tried to suppress it, and the tremendous impact it had on the world."--BOOK JACKET.
After an almost fatal car crash, novelist Paul Sheldon finds himself being nursed by a deranged fan who holds him captive.

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