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Sweet-smelling basil marks the spot in this treasure hunt led by a queenly saint--join her as she treks to Jerusalem in search of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ In this fabulous and instructive blend of tale and history, boys and girls alike will be captivated by Helen, an adventurous empress on a mission. Offering faith-based reading in an entertaining format of dialogue and narration, children are encouraged to treasure the Holy Cross in their "own" lives.
"An interesting and informative resource. Recommended." Reference Book Review
"Delany's book is the most convincing argument yet for the importance of the Legend both on its own terms and in terms of Chaucer's career and literary climate. She convincingly demolishes the sense of the work on the part of its detractors and defenders as naive or obvious. Instead, she rediscovers a surprisingly unrecognized Chaucerian ironic mode, which in light of feminist theory complicates Chaucer's place vis-a-vis the representation of women. It will be the most widely cited study of the Legend of Good Women for some time to come."--John M. Ganim, author of Chaucerian Theatricality "After this book, it will never be possible to 'trivialize' the Legend or to underestimate its importance in the canon of Chaucer's works again. This beautifully written book is more than just another book on Chaucer: this is a book on Chaucer that we really need."--R. A. Shoaf, editor of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
Looking at more than two hundred Italian medieval and Renaissance mural cycles, Lavin examines—with the aid of computer technology—the "rearranged" chronologies of familiar religious stories found therein. "Like many masterpieces, Lavin's book builds upon a simple idea . . . it is possible to do a computer analysis of . . . visual narratives. . . . This is the first computer-based study of the visual arts of which I am aware that illustrates how those technologies can utterly transform the study of old master art. An extremely important book, one likely to become the most influential recent study of art of this period, The Place of Narrative is also a beautiful artifact."—David Carrier, Leonardo "Covering over a millennium and dealing with the whole of Italy, Lavin makes pioneering use of new methodology employing a computer database . . . [and] novel terminology to describe the disposition of scenes of church and chapel walls. . . . We should recognize this as a book of high seriousness which reaches out into new areas and which will fruitfully stimulate much thought on a neglected subject of very considerable significance."—Julian Gardner, Burlington Magazine

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