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Kristen Harris was desperate to uncover the truth about who she had been before her memory was stolen from her. Her search had led her to the New Orleans waterfront and the most compelling—and perhaps the most dangerous—man she could ever have imagined.... Blu Dufray seemed to know every dark and deadly secret from the French Quarter to the Louisiana bayou country—and every way to stir a woman's deepest desires. And even as he helped her chase away the shadows shrouding her past, he was making her dream of a future—in his arms.... But what if the truth of her past threatened this growing love—and even their very lives...?
SHE COULD BE HIS MISTRESS… For one stolen night, they'd shared a scorching passion and intimate tenderness, giving Rhea Williams hope for the future — and a family. But Joey Masado belonged to another family — and was promised to another woman. Rather than be Joey's mistress, Rhea fled, never telling him she carried their child. But when her son disappeared, she knew he'd found out…. OR HIS WIFE The moment he saw her, Joey knew he had to claim Rhea for his own. But the depth of his desire for her put them all in grave danger. Now Joey had stolen their son to bring Rhea to his side — and somehow had to give her the protection of his name without revealing the feelings in his heart….
THE FAMILY MAN Lucky Masado was already heir to one throne—but he'd had another thrust upon him. And he was in between those two worlds when into his life walked Elena Tandi. The spirited beauty was full of questions, and she was not going to like his answers. Elena knew that Lucky Masado could shed light on who her family really was. But she could not have anticipated the passion she would have for him, a street soldier who was about to embark on a long-anticipated battle. When it was over, there would be only one man standing. Would it be Lucky? And would she be the woman by his side?
HE COULD GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH THE DEVIL But fortunately that wasn't going to be necessary. Because detective Jackson Ward, the New Orleans P.D. 's loose cannon—otherwise known as the chief's biggest pain in the butt this side of the Cabildo—was suddenly reassigned. To his home territory in Chicago. To clear the name of the chief's daughter in a murder mess so many layers deep that only someone connected could be trusted with the job— OR AN ANGEL— When Sunni Blais was implicated in a mob-related murder, even she knew she needed some help, pronto. But how could it possibly come from the drop-dead gorgeous hunk who'd been dogging her every move since last week? Clearly, she was his target. The question was—what would he do with her once he had her?
Destiny Can Be Dangerous A brief, fated moment at a wedding, and Cassie Cameron was hooked. She'd been unable to forget Dar Cordell, though months had passed. Who could explain it? She was surrounded by handsome, glamorous men every day, and yet somehow Dar had touched her soul…in a once-in-a-lifetime way. Meanwhile, someone was watching. Someone else had his eye on Cassie, and time was running out when fate cruelly chose to reunite her with Dar. Suddenly the obstacles they faced were greater than ever—their very lives were on the line. Would one moment of passion have to last them a lifetime?
MARCH MADNESS DEBUT AUTHOR THE RULEBREAKERS Ex-cop Jake Cavanaugh lived by his own laws now. Never trust seemingly innocent gorgeous blondes. Never get emotionally involved with a woman again. Then along came Samantha Martin. When Jake found her lost and afraid by the side of the road, his old white-knight complex reared its head…and his cop instincts took over. Samantha was trouble—and she was in trouble. Suddenly Jake was on the run and looking for answers—fast. Because Rule Number One was broken and Number Two was getting shaky. And one more night with Same just might leave him with no rules at all….
Jesse James Harte had grown up as wild and untamed as his Old West namesake, but now he was the law in this stretch of the Wyoming high country. That meant trouble was his business—and if he'd ever seen somebody in trouble, it was the town's new schoolteacher, Sarah McKenzie…. She was as beautiful as a mountain meadow in springtime. But the haunted look in her eyes said she was running from something—something that had maybe caught up with her. He ached to protect her, to take that look away—and make her his forever…. But what could a lady like her want with a lawman with an outlaw's heart…?

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