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Citing tens of thousands of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved crimes in America, an introduction to amateur crime solving reveals how everyday concerned citizens can access online resources to help solve cold cases.
Skeletons! Ghosts! Extended action sequences! Even more shocking revelations! In Episode 8 of Lucy Smokeheart, Lucy confronts a ghost, learns some hidden truths, and finally takes matters back into her own hands. The Daring Adventures of Captain Lucy Smokeheart is a year-long monthly pirate adventure serial. Read the ebooks to start the voyage -- then visit to solve the puzzle and start the treasure hunt!
Features “The Mist” now a TV series event on Spike Stephen King’s #1 New York Times bestseller—an anthology of stories from the outer limits of the imagination! From one of the greatest storytellers in modern times comes this classic collection of twenty-two works of fright and wonder…unforgettable tales that will take you to where your darkest fears await. Whether it’s a mysterious impenetrable mist camouflaging bizarre, otherworldly terrors that could herald the destruction of humanity…or an eerie-looking child’s toy that harbors an unimaginable evil…or four college students on a deserted lake encountering something that crosses the boundary of sanity…or a man suddenly given the omnipotent ability to quite literally edit his own reality…the extraordinary narratives found in Skeleton Crew are the enduring and irresistible proof that Stephen King is a true master of the short fiction form.
Fred's friend invites the Mystery Inc. gang on a "vacation" on the old pirate ship he just bought, but there seems to be another crew on board--a crew of skeleton pirates who intend to take their ship back.
Giga City Lizard is the second in the epic Skeleton Crew series by R. M. Gordge. A new novel from the acclaimed author of The Eternal Cold. This tense and intriguing story takes us on the second leg toward the formation of the skeleton crew. The giga city lizard has mastered the game and now runs freely through all levels and territories of the city. Meanwhile, Arc's insane plan further reveals itself at a slow and nail biting pace, building to the inevitable and action packed climax. Enjoyable high concept drama set in an unnerving, believable vision of the future.
"In Raising the Dead, A. J. Stirland uses archaeological and skeletal evidence to give the reader a welcome insight into the lives of the mariners and soldiers of the Mary Rose, from their ages and height to their health, diet and physical condition. This book examines the building, sinking and raising of the Mary Rose and her historical context before moving on to the examination of what the remains of the crew can reveal to us about fighting men of that period. Many new findings have been made through analysis of their bones, including the effects of some activities and occupations on the skeletons of the men.".

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