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Following three teenagers who chose to spend one school year living in Finland, South Korea, and Poland, a literary journalist recounts how attitudes, parenting, and rigorous teaching have revolutionized these countries' education results.
A full executive summary of 'The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way' by Amanda Ripley. This is not a chapter-by-chapter summary. Rather, the author takes an holistic approach, reorganizing and breaking down the content for easier understanding where necessary, and cutting out the repetition.
With a rocket scientist for a father and a scientist for a mother, everyone knew Miranda Moon would be smart, but who would guess that she would become the smartest kid in the entire world? Miranda finds that she can move objects using her brainpower. She can even hear people’s thoughts. Tommy, Miranda’s older brother, has friends who don’t want the strange little girl tagging along. On top of all that, Miranda finds herself battling bullies in elementary school and middle school. Along the way, she manages to help a teacher save her job and nab a man holding two children for ransom. Miranda finds more challenges in high school when a group of popular cheerleaders decide Miranda is their enemy. Miranda even finds time to save the world from aliens who have decided to destroy the Earth. Still, the question is can Miranda find happiness and a place where she feels she belongs? This chapter book is written for children ages 7-12. Miranda is a heroine who struggles with many of the same problems her readers do. She longs for friends, but she has trouble fitting in wherever she goes. Whether it’s battling a millionaire who kidnaps her or dealing with a snobbish preschool principal who does think she is good enough for her school, Miranda demonstrates her grit, determination, and humor.
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From the author of the critically acclaimed The Nightingale's Song ("An amazing piece of work...This is a stunning book" -- Boston Globe), comes an evocative, elegiac and rollicking portrait of America. The Nightingale's Song was Robert Timberg's extraordinary tale of well-intentioned but ill-starred warriors. In State of Grace, his long-awaited new book, he revives the powerful themes of courage, manhood and loss in a strikingly personal exploration of America between the Good War and Vietnam. "It was the twilight of innocence, or what passed for innocence if you didn't look too closely," he writes. "America was at peace, peering confidently into the future, when it should have been holding its breath for what lay ahead." Robert Timberg has his finger on the pulse of a generation that split along a fault line called Vietnam, between those who went and those who didn't. In his unflinching and riveting The Nightingale's Song, Timberg chronicled a nation haunted by the war and its corrosive aftermath. Now, in State of Grace, the author rediscovers an earlier time and an America now largely lost. Using the New York City sandlot football team he played for after high school as a rich metaphor for what was best about that bygone era, Timberg evokes the period in fine detail and vivid color. It was a world of girls, beer and the proverbial Big Game, but it also was defined by faith in tradition and institutions, including a still unsullied Catholic Church. State of Grace captures life on the threshold of Kennedy's Camelot, before the Beatles, before the Pill, but in the ever-expanding shadow of Vietnam, "a time when the path to an honorable future seemed as straightforward as playing hard, hitting clean, and not fumbling the ball." The tale is told through Timberg's own eyes as he moves from troubled youth to man, from running back on a team called the Lynvets to Naval Academy plebe to Marine officer. The story is also told through a collection of other characters, including a genius of a coach overmatched when off the field, a driven quarterback sidetracked by booze and an angry loner fresh from the army stockade who reclaims his life on the gridiron. As Timberg writes, the team was where he and his fellow Lynvets "found a toe-hold on our better selves during a troubled time in our lives. Those snatches of pride and courage and strength we shared...eventually grew within us, becoming the core of a decent manhood that might have easily eluded any one of us in other circumstances. There were times, for each of us, when it was all we had."
Quiz Kids was a network radio program that aired from 1940 to 1953 featuring smart children answering difficult questions submitted by listeners. Part of radio history during its “golden age,” Quiz Kids thrived during a period of dramatic change in America. Audiences marveled at the speed with which the Kids answered the most difficult questions, vaulting the show beyond the producers’ wildest expectations. Eleanor Roosevelt invited the Kids to the White House to meet with them. Their appearance at the Senate is discussed in the Congressional Record. During World War II, they toured America and raised $120 million in war bonds. They were guests on Jack Benny’s radio show for three consecutive weeks. Walt Disney, Bob Hope, Fred Allen, the Lone Ranger, Gene Autry and other famous people were on their program. This thorough history describes the creation of the program, its national popularity and the children who made it such good listening.
Advice for teenagers on how to get along with parents, drawing on Christian precepts.

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