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Life as a preteen (a.k.a. “tween”) can be challenging. Life as a stepkid can be equally tough. Put them together, and it can be like climbing Mount Everest…daily. Step-tweens are not only caught between childhood and teenhood—they’re also often caught between two parents, two families, and two homes. This book lets them know they are not alone, helps them identify and express their feelings, and teaches them how to effectively communicate their wants and needs. The engaging format includes lively illustrations, quizzes, advice from other stepkids, “survival tools” to use when the going gets rough, and suggestions for what to do when nothing else seems to be working. With The Step-Tween Survival Guide, tweens will gain the skills and inspiration to both survive and thrive in a stepfamily.
This best-selling text on marriages, families, and relationships combines a rigorous scholarly and applied approach with a theme especially relevant to today's dynamic global environment: making choices in a diverse society. The authors use an engaging narrative to create a highly readable text that offers insightful perspectives on the diversity of our modern society, including different ethnic traditions and family forms. The balanced presentation discusses a variety of theoretical perspectives (e.g., family ecology, structure-functional, interaction-constructionist, family systems, biosocial), emphasizing both social structure and the importance of individual agency, choice, and decision-making. Students are encouraged to question assumptions and reconcile conflicting ideas and values as they make informed choices in their own lives. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
When a child's parent remarries, that child gains a new parent, and often, new siblings. This can be a wonderful thing, but it can also come with its own unique set of challenges. This informative volume is designed to help readers navigate and learn from these challenges. Relatable stories are presented through the use of colorful illustrations and accessible text that readers of all ages will benefit from. This book is an essential addition to any library or classroom and an excellent resource for readers who have recently become or are currently preparing to become part of a new stepfamily.
Have you heard the words, “I never dared to treat my parents the way kids do today”? If you are a baby boomer or the parent of a tween, teen, or adult child, not only have you heard those words, you may have uttered them yourself. If, in this new age of child–parent relations, you’ve ever felt like a helpless puppy or kitten inside a box marked “Free to Good Home,”—if, in spite of all your love and the care with which you embraced parenting, your child has grown into an entitled and thoughtless power broker in your relationship—read on. Author Kay Taylor has studied sociology, parenting, blended families and personal growth for years; in this bold, groundbreaking book she explores the changes in our culture that she believes have given birth to what she describes as the E-generation—a generation of teens and young adults that feel so empowered and entitled that they often clash with their parents, creating a palpable power struggle within the family. This often leaves good parents alone, depressed, and completely befuddled as to what they did wrong. Free Mother to Good Home comes from the heart and experiences of an everyday parent in the trenches. Taylor offers a mother’s perspective, as well as a remedy for parental blues, helping parents know what they can do to get their houses and their lives back in order.
Kate DiCamillos neues Meisterwerk Ein Staubsauger mit enormer Saugkraft, ein ewig hungriges, als Superheld wiedergeborenes Eichhörnchen, ein comicliebendes eigensinniges Mädchen und eine Liebesromane schreibende Mutter – alles in einer Geschichte? Das geht? Das geht sogar ganz wunderbar, wenn die Erfinderin die Bestsellerautorin Kate DiCamillo ist, die hier eine bezaubernde neue Geschichte vorlegt. Diesmal ist die höchst ungewöhnliche treibende Kraft das Eichhörnchen Ulysses, das in Floras Familie auftaucht, die Menschen verändert und alles zu einem wunderbaren Happy End führt.
Eine Geschichte über zwei, die den Tod suchen – und die Liebe ihres Lebens finden Wenn dein Herz sich anfühlt wie ein gähnendes schwarzes Loch, das alles verschlingt, welchen Sinn macht es dann noch, jeden Morgen aufzustehen? Aysel will nicht mehr leben – sie wartet nur noch auf den richtigen Zeitpunkt, sich für immer zu verabschieden. Als sie im Internet Roman kennenlernt, scheint er der perfekte Komplize für ihr Vorhaben zu sein. Und während die beiden ihren gemeinsamen Tod planen, spürt Aysel, wie sehr sich auf die Treffen mit Roman freut, wie hell und leicht ihr Herz sein kann. Und plötzlich ist der Gedanke, das alles könnte ein Ende haben, vollkommen unerträglich ... Aysel beginnt zu kämpfen. Um ihr Leben. Um sein Leben. Und um ihre gemeinsame Liebe. Das umwerfende Romandebüt von Jasmine Warga

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