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"We can all become strategic leaders if we stay on the right path." —Harbir Singh & Michael Useem Even a strong leader can flounder without an effective strategy, and the most powerful strategy can fail without the right leader. Only those who master and integrate both skills can effectively navigate the challenges that lay ahead for today's organizations. The Strategic Leader's Roadmap, by Wharton management professors Harbir Singh and Michael Useem, offers a 6-point checklist for leading strategically that will help managers strengthen their capacity to develop strategy and to lead its execution. Drawing on one-on-one interviews with CEOs, in-depth research, and their experience teaching today's executives and tomorrow's leaders, Singh and Useem take readers into the offices—and mindsets—of some of today's foremost strategic leaders, including: Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of Nissan Indra Nooyi, chief executive of PepsiCo Jack Ma, founder and chief executive of Alibaba Group John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco Systems Fast-reading and inspiring, The Strategic Leader's Roadmap will enable leaders at all levels to master today's most vital capability.
This is the most complete change methodology we have found anywhere." -- Pete Fox, General Manager, Corporate Accounts, Microsoft US In these turbulent times, competent change leadership is a most coveted leadership skill, and savvy change consultants are becoming trusted participants at the board table. For both leaders and consultants, knowing how to navigate the complexities of organization transformation is fast becoming the key to a successful career. This second edition of the author?s landmark book is the king of all ?how-to? books on change. It provides a strategic overview of the author?s proven change process methodology, as well as pragmatic guidance and tools for each key step in a complex transformational change process. The Change Leader?s Roadmap is the most comprehensive guide available for building transformational change strategy and designing and implementing successful transformation. Based on thirty years of action research with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, and large non-profit global organizations. Outlines every key step in a transformational change process Provides worksheets, tools, case examples, and assessments that you can immediately apply to all types of change efforts Includes updated information on a wealth of topics including the critical path tasks and how to use the CLR to change minds and cultures The new edition also includes new activities, methods for building change capability, guiding principles for change, and advice for leading the human dynamics in change and creating an organizational vision. This book is specifically written for leaders, project managers, OD practitioners, change practitioners, and consultants seeking greater change results.
Debunking the myth of the skills gap, identifies the real reasons why good people cannot get hired and lays out solutions for ending the employer-employee standoff that has crippled the American job engine.
If all firms face similar obstacles to profitable growth, how do some companies successfully burst through these barriers, leaving their competitors in the dust? Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan argue that an answer to this question lies in MarketBusters. Best of all, the authors say, opportunities for identifying and executing such moves can be unearthed throughout a company’s existing business platform—if managers know where and how to look for them. The authors practical tools and checklists to help leaders determine the best marketbusting move to use in a given situation. Vivid company examples illustrate the moves in practice, and clear guidelines aid managers in implementing their chosen moves effectively. Driving continuous growth is imperative for every leader in every industry. MarketBusters is the field guide that will help them succeed. MARKET BUSTERS OFFERS: * A Unique Perspective on Growth Opportunities: Big “breakthrough” moves are risky and often unsuccessful. Today’s executives are looking to drive growth off a platform of established markets, with existing customers, and with existing products and offerings. This book shows them how to do that. * A Highly Practical Approach: Actionable, tools-oriented focus of this book will appeal to executives under pressure to show results fast.
15 guiding principles to help leaders develop their ability to make good and timely decisions in unpredictable and stressful environments.
Business success through strategic leadership Strategic leadership is essential to business success: Strong leaders are those who successfully navigate a great shift: from tactical doer to strategic leader. Regardless of your industry, line of business, or sector, your organization desperately needs strategic leaders. A strategic leader is tuned in to the needs of the business, understands how his or her actions impact corporate objectives, and uses data to make smart decisions. Whether you’re leading a department or running your own company, a strategic leader clearly propels business performance. Building a ladder to strategic leadership: Stephen R. Covey famously explained strategic leadership via the metaphor of jungle producers clearing land. The strategic leader was able to climb a tree and tell everybody they were laboring in the wrong jungle. In this book, you will start out on the jungle floor and build a ladder to give you that strategic view over the tops of the trees. You’ll learn how to: • Show up strategic • Set meaningful direction • Leverage stakeholders • Achieve success • Make a difference in the areas that matter Proven approach to strategic leadership: You’ll learn from the personal career journeys of two authors who have taken very different career paths, yet come together to create a proven approach to understanding the big picture of what your organization is trying to accomplish, setting measurable goals, making smart decisions, and continually getting better at what you’re doing.
Risk taking is inherent in competition and managing risk well is a mark of successful firms. Doing so is increasingly challenging given the pace of change, whether financial, technological, environmental, reputational, or political. Rethinking Catastrophic Risk draws on extensive interviewswith risk managers to provide real-world insights and a framework for smart thinking and planning for possible disruptions, adverse events, or crises that could seriously harm the normal business functions or operations of a firm.Corporate leaders face a series of ever-more-challenging decisions to avoid and respond to perils that can be caused by external forces or by harmful actions within the firm. The business world is growing ever riskier given rapid changes generated by increasing concentration of populations andassets, complex interdependencies of markets and supply-chains, pressures of short-term demands for results, and the pressures of transparency combined with the prominence of social media. Some shocks can be anticipated, but many others come as a surprise and create considerable stress on decisionmakers, often leading to even worse outcomes.As leading authorities on risk management, decision processes, and leadership, Howard Kunreuther, Erwann Michel-Kerjan, and Michael Useem draw on their extensive experience to enhance understanding of risk management and call for improving resilience to future shocks as an integral part of corporatestrategy. This book is chock-full of anecdotes based on extensive interviews with leaders from all sectors of the Fortune 500 and provides a framework for linking intuitive and deliberative thinking for managing low-probability, high-consequence events. It highlights the importance of institutionalarrangements and leadership capability and will benefit managers at all levels and especially executives and directors seeking to reposition their firms to better anticipate and manage adverse events.

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