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This accessible introduction to caring for a child with autism is an ideal resource for the families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as for the professionals who work with them. In clear and simple language and with many illustrations, the authors explain the nature of this condition and its variations, and tackle common problems experienced in everyday activities such as eating, sleeping and going to the toilet. They also suggest strategies for coping with aggression and tantrums, approaches to preoccupations and compulsions, and suggest ways in which to improve communication and social skills. Based on up-to-date research and using many case examples, the authors consider each problem and its causes step by step, and suggest a number of solutions.
Stand up to the plate and brace yourself for the curve-balls in this collection. These are the stories of our generation. Take a swing if you dare!
AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. In The Food-Mood Solution, renowned nutrition expert Jack Challem isolates the nutritional triggers of bad moods, providing solutions that will help you stabilize your moods, gain energy, sleep better, handle stress, and be more focused. Challem lays out a clear-cut, four-step plan for feeding the brain the right nutrition, presenting advice on choosing the right foods and supplements as well as improving lifestyle habits to help regulate mood swings.
Seventeen-year-old Ferris Bueller, his girlfriend, and his best friend take off from school and escape to downtown Chicago in order to experience a wonderful day of freedom.
"Telling Tales" presents extensive excerpts from the works of more than 50 solo writer/performers, as well as prefatory material that situates their efforts in historical context.

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