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Uniquely relevant to a world shaken by recent acts of terror, this provocative analysis of our culture of violence calls people of faith back to the way of peace that has always been the proper Christian response to aggression. With the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other, Lee Griffith takes a frank look at the historical events and modern forces that contribute to terrorism. This is not a book about small guerrilla bands of terrorists nor about so-called "Islamic terrorists" -- it is a cogent, open-eyed analysis of a "worldwide epidemic of violence. In a discussion that will no doubt be controversial, Griffith argues that terrorism and counter-terrorism are identical phenomena when viewed at the spiritual level. To oppose terrorism with violence acknowledges the terrorist assumption that meaningful change is only possible through suffering and fear. Likewise, terrorism and counter-terrorism both employ similar God language to justify horrendous acts of violence. This is true not only of "rogue states" but also of Western leaders who use religious language on the eve of battle. In response to today's culture of terror, Griffith points the way to a theology of peace. He first looks at specific current events that contribute to terrorism. Next, he mines the history of the church to see how the tradition has responded to violence in the past. Finally, he probes the biblical texts for meaningful answers. The result is a stirring message for our day: rather than serving as an incitement to violence, the biblical concept of "the terror of God" stands as a renunciation of all violence -- and of death itself. Posing a radical faith for radical times, "The War onTerrorism and the Terror of God is sure to generate discussion from every quarter.
"Completely revised and updated, this new edition of Terror in the Mind of God incorporates the events of September 11, 2001 into Mark Juergensmeyer's landmark study of religious terrorism. Juergensmeyer explores the 1993 World Trade Center explosion, Hamas suicide bombings, the Tokyo subway nerve gas attack, and the killing of abortion clinic doctors in the United States. His personal interviews with 1993 World Trade Center bomber Mahmud Abouhalima, Christian Right activist Mike Bray, Hamas leaders Sheik Yassin and Abdul Azis Rantisi, and Sikh political leader Simranjit Singh Mann, among others, take us into the mindset of those who perpetrate and support violence in the name of religion."--Provided by publisher.
The Secular Outlook: In Defense of Moral and Political Secularism shows how people can live together and overcome the challenge of religious terrorism by adopting a "secular outlook" on life and politics. Shows how secularism can answer the problem of religious terrorism Provides new perspectives on how religious minorities can be integrated into liberal democracies Reveals how secularism has gained a new political and moral significance. Also examines such topics as atheism, religious criticism and free speech
This book responds to the Bush Administration position on the “war on terror.” It examines preemption within the context of “just war”; justification for the United States-led invasion of Iraq, with some authors charging that its tactics serve to increase terror; global terrorism; and concepts such as reconciliation, Islamic identity, nationalism, and intervention.
How do we love our enemies in an age of war and terror? This book does not offer easy answers, but it gives resources for approaching them from a Christian perspective. By bringing solid biblical exposition to bear on the geopolitical events of our day, political geographer Nick Solly Megoran provides a balanced, Christian approach to the church's witness in an age of war and terror. He first addresses why war happens and what our response should be. Then he explores practical aspects of being citizens of heaven and how Christians can cultivate skills of peacemaking and forgiveness. With vivid illustrations and global examples of Christian courage in the face of adversity, he shows how the gospel brings hope to a violent world. Appendices give additional study guides on different Christian approaches to war, terrorism, just-war theory and pacifism. Market/Audience Church leaders Laypeople Evangelists and missionaries Seminary students and professors Features and Benefits Solid biblical exposition on key passages related to war and peacemaking Balanced, global perspective, with illustrations and examples from around the world Includes pros and cons of Christian approaches to just war and pacifism
Is there a relationship between terrorism and America's stance against godly principles? The very blessings that have made America prosperous are all at risk as our government, public schools and courtrooms continue to defy the living God. Meanwhile, in the war on terrorism, the stakes are high. This is a war against powers that natural forces cannot extinguish. This is a supernatural battle that cannot be won by superior military might or intelligence. Chaos and terror are a disguise imposed by Satan to overtake world order, democracy and freedom. Behind barbaric beheadings, bombings and brutal kidnappings is the mastermind of torment, fear and chaos. Does America have a chance of being victorious without divine intervention? The key to peace and security for any nation is made clear in God's Word. We can change the tide of terrorism by seeking the wisdom of God's Word, or we can bow to the wicked and wretched forces behind relentless terrorists. Will America continue on this treacherous path, deceived to believe we can win? Can our nation come through this war without repentance and a right relationship with God? Read this book and find out what God's will is for America. There are distinct contrasts between nations that put Jesus first versus those that reject Him. Find out the key to national wholeness and societal peace in America.

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