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The world prepares for war. Creatures out of a nightmare press south. And only a few will be able to stop it. Roelle leads the Magi north to discover the secrets of the northern warriors known as the Antrilii. What she discovers forces her to question the role the Magi play in the world as she begins to realize how far they have drifted from their Founders. Rumors out of the north are much worse than she could ever imagine and her Mage Warriors might be key to stopping a threat the world hasn't seen in a thousand years. Jakob has reached Avaneam with the mysterious trunk only to learn that his journey has just begun. What he discovers in the Unknown Lands will be the key to the upcoming battle, if only he can survive it. His visions continue and Jakob learns there is more to them-and him-than he had known. Can he understand his growing abilities in time?
" Rose shall cry." The child of a benevolent lord must come to terms with the destruction of his family, but against the wishes of his caretaker, he does so by swearing to take revenge for the act of evil. As he forges his tools for his private war, a very real and deadly battle rages around him, and he slowly realizes that he has become entangled within the grasping threads of fate. Only as he leaves the one he has come to love and marches off to do battle with the demons of his past does he realize that he himself spun the path of destiny he now walks. What he doesn't know is what the outcome of his actions will be. Do the swirling mists he sees hide his doom or his salvation? Only by moving forward can he find out, and he takes sword in hand as he prepares for the worst.
Depressed and overwhelmed by learning the true meaning of her destiny as the Golden Mage as well as the major part she, along with Aidric, Keldan, and Aren, will play as foretold within the Prophecy of the Six, Allison despairs of ever picking up the pieces of her shattered life. Then to add insult to injury, the Temple of Seni sends representatives to Lamia to collect her in order that she may swear oaths to Seni as is required by divine law. The party is led by Eban, a Domnae full of an infinite amount of ambition and utterly despised by Aidric for reasons he refuses to confide to anyone. However, though suspicious of his motives, Eban’s the least of her worries as going to the Temple means leaving the protection of Lamia’s Shield with very little mage training under her belt at a time when hostilities with Mihr are at their highest, and rumors of a spy planted within the palace by Roderick have begun to arise. The wheels of fate are turning ever so quickly, and Allison feels the threads of her life becoming helplessly and dangerously entangled within its spokes, even more so now as she is exposed to the politics of the Temple, itself.
India'S First Ever Sff (Science Fiction/Fantasy) Genre Novel In English The Simoqin Prophecies Marks The Debut Of An Assured New Voice. Written With Consummate Ease And Brimming With Wit And Allusion, It Is At Once Classic Sff And Subtle Spoof, Featuring Scantily Clad Centauresses, Flying Carpets, Pink Trolls, Belly Dancers And Homicidal Rabbits. Monty Python Meets The Ramayana, Alice In Wonderland Meets The Lord Of The Rings And Robin Hood Meets The Arabian Nights In This Novel A Breathtaking Ride Through A World Peopled By Different Races And Cultures From Mythology And History. The Prophecies Foretell The Reawakening Of The Terrible Rakshas, Danh-Gem, And The Arrival Of A Hero To Face Him. But Heroes Do Not Appear Magically Out Of Nowhere; They Have To Be Found And Trained. And Sometimes The Makers Of Prophecies Don'T Know Everything They Need To Know... As The Day Of Danh-Gem'S Rising Draws Closer And The Chosen Hero Is Sent On A Quest, Another Young Man Learns Of Terrible Things He Must Do In Secret And The Difficult Choices He Must Make In Order To Save The World From The Rakshas. Drawn From A Variety Of Sources Ranging From Greek And Indian Epics To Spy Novels, Fairy Tales To Superhero Comics, The Simoqin Prophecies Is A Compelling Tale, Marked By Meticulous Plotting And Artful Storytelling A Page-Turner Sure To Grip You From Start To Finish.
Grab all four Prophecy of Light books in one volume. Book 1 - Trapped The darkness that has been searching for Kady has finally caught up. Begin this exciting journey today ... Kady always knew the nomadic life she was living was because her aunt was hiding from some dark force, one Auntie described as magic. When Kady awakens in the middle of the night with her house crumbling around her, Auntie hustles her into the night, hides her, and engages in a battle of magic symbols that set the dark sky ablaze. While Auntie succeeds in hiding Kady, she is captured during the battle. Kady, now realizing her aunts admonitions about the power of words were very real, must choose. She can do as her aunt had always warned her -- to run far away if the two were separated. Or she can search for her aunt. As strange powers emerge, Kady begins to realize there's magic trapped inside her. Will this new magic help her succeed in retrieving her aunt? Book 2 - Unleashed Kady must learn to unleash the magic trapped inside her if she is to help the mage Pylum rescue her aunt. As Kady learns her way around the Temple of Light and takes classes to help her understand magic, she makes new friends like Jasper and learns more about the mysterious mage who helped her in book one: Akilah. Will Kady be able to unleash her power, and what else might she find when her bonds are broken? Book 3 - Foretold Kady has rescued her aunt from the dark mage Zygam, but now her friend is his ally. Kady must learn what makes Zygam tick in order to defeat him when he attacks in just 10 days. As she learns more about the mage who has hunted her for 10 years, Kady realizes defeating him may be harder than she thought. Will the secrets she unearths make this battle impossible for her to fight? Book 4 - Fulfilled The final story in the Prophecy of Light series is here! Kady has been told she is the child of light of the prophecy? But is she. Is her choice the key to everything, or is there more to the prophecy than she's been told?
Book One of a new epic fantasy trilogy from the author of the Old Souls Trilogy After waking to find her teenaged sister at her apartment in California begging to be allowed to stay after running away from home, Allison McNeal thought her biggest problem that day would be to keep her former stepfather from finding out before she could talk sense into her sister, not the series of strange, unnerving incidents throughout the morning that suddenly have her second-guessing her sanity, and especially not the brilliant light that abruptly flashes in front of them when the two sisters are walking in a nearby park as a hole is seemingly ripped into the very fabric of reality, sucking a terrified and screaming Allison within and ultimately into another world altogether. Found within the kingdom of Lamia and suddenly manifesting frightening abilities she hasn’t the slightest clue how to control, Allison learns that the locals believe that she’s the Golden Mage, a figure of legend with the ability to perform powerful and terrible spells that haven’t been seen for centuries and destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy where a single decision will ultimately decide the fate of not only two warring kingdoms—one her new home and the other ruled by a cruel mage-king obsessed with Lamia’s conquest—but also a world moving closer to a prophesied time of possible annihilation. In a world where many see her arrival as a curse and others as a powerful means towards a dark end, Allison’s only guides are a young Mage-general struggling with his own dark past of secrets and betrayals and the Brothers in Divinity, a secretive order of priests and mages whose only loyalties lie with their god and whose divine laws must be followed above all others. War is swiftly approaching, and if the prophecy is to be believed, only she has the power to determine which kingdom will fall. Free, freebie, free fantasy, free fantasy romance
In ancient days, the mightiest of dragons were fearless in battle against the foes of Kaltara. Those special dragons were called Winged Warriors, and they were revered by the elves. In Winged Warrior, the Torak meets a Winged Warrior and learns that she is to become his battlesteed. The Time of Cleansing fast approaches as the Motangans plant a spy deep within the ruling circle of the Sakovans. The mage-spy Aakuta is discovered on the Island of Darkness and condemned to death, while rebellious Khadoran lords conspire to overthrow Emperor Marak. The elven nation is beset by plotting from antiwar factions, while the Jiadin of Fakara threaten to abandon their defensive positions. With the whole world on the brink of a war where there will be no surrenders, no prisoners, and no negotiations, Vand's minions sow the seeds of destruction as they prepare to launch the invasion that will destroy all life.

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