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Deep in the forests of Central Oregon is a town called Dark Root, a place shrouded in secrets and mystery. Founded over a century ago by Juliana Benbridge, a woman driven out of Portland for practicing witch craft, Dark Root claims to be the most magical place in the Pacific Northwest. The tradition of witchery is kept alive by Juliana's granddaughter, Sasha Shantay, a charismatic coven leader and the mother to four young daughters who have exhibited magical abilities themselves. But for twenty-year-old Maggie, Sasha's most powerful daughter, Dark Root is also a prison, a place where she is forced to spend her days working in her mother's Magick shop, forfeiting any dreams of her own. So when a mysterious stranger suddenly appears and offers to take her away from it all, she jumps at the chance. Now, seven years later, a strange phone call sends Maggie back to Dark Root and she is unprepared for what awaits her: a dying town, a sick mother, a renewed sibling rivalry, and a past she had hoped to forget. She also learns that if the Magick dies in Dark Root, the entire world will be in great peril. Part Practical Magic, part The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Witches of Dark Root is a tale that seamlessly weaves the normal with the mystical, the mundane with the fantastic, zipping in and out of time to Maggie's childhood as a young witchling, to current day where she must decide between once again running from a life she never wanted or saving the town she thought she hated.
Maggie's child has been stolen! The dark witch, Larinda, has taken the newborn into the Netherworld. She is intent on trading him to a warlock, who will use the child to fulfill a bargain with the Dark One. And Maggie has just three days to stop it. Aided by her sisters and companions, Maggie must journey beyond the Veil to save her child. She will meet many surreal creatures along the way - some friendly, some foe - and quickly realize that her powers cannot compare to those that walk below. But the perils of the Netherworld are nothing compared to the demons they must face as they pass through each portal along the way. More secrets are revealed... and this time, everyone can see them.
I inspected the small glass orb in my hand and read the words engraved upon its mantle: Dark Root, Oregon, 1968. "Jillian, there's nothing inside," I said, shaking the globe. "You must view it before you go to sleep. The memory it contains will come to you in your dreams." "What will I see?" I asked, staring deep into the crystal ball. "Secrets, Maggie. Secrets that should have come out long ago." In the third installment of The Daughters of Dark Root series, Maggie's life is endangered by a malicious curse. Her only chance at saving herself and the life of her unborn child is to reveal the memories kept within a set of crystal globes. They alone hold the key to Dark Root's secret past, and who she really is. This is a stand alone novel and should be read after The Witches of Dark Root and The Magick of Dark Root. Look for Part Two in 2016.
My name is Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, and my age is three hundred and eighty-four years. Each new settlement asks for a new journal, and so this Book of Shadows begins... In the spring of 1628, the Witchfinder of Wessex finds himself a true Witch. As Bess Hawksmith watches her mother swing from the Hanging Tree she knows that only one man can save her from the same fate at the hands of the panicked mob: the Warlock Gideon Masters, and his Book of Shadows. Secluded at his cottage in the woods, Gideon instructs Bess in the Craft, awakening formidable powers she didn't know she had and making her immortal. She couldn't have foreseen that even now, centuries later, he would be hunting her across time, determined to claim payment for saving her life. In present-day England, Elizabeth has built a quiet life for herself, tending her garden and selling herbs and oils at the local farmers' market. But her solitude abruptly ends when a teenage girl called Tegan starts hanging around. Against her better judgment, Elizabeth begins teaching Tegan the ways of the Hedge Witch, in the process awakening memories--and demons--long thought forgotten. Part historical romance, part modern fantasy, The Witch's Daughter is a fresh, compelling take on the magical, yet dangerous world of Witches. Readers will long remember the fiercely independent heroine who survives plagues, wars, and the heartbreak that comes with immortality to remain true to herself, and protect the protégé she comes to love.
Psychic Baylee Scott is turning thirty, but birthday cake is not on her mind. Objects are turning up missing all over town, and strange rat-like creatures have been seen lurking in the shadows. Add to that the untimely death of Reed Hollow's beloved mayor, and Baylee is up to her ears in mystery. Now, she and her supernaturally-inclined family must use their collective gifts to solve the riddle of the shadows before another person suffers the mayor's fate. Book 2 in The Reed Hollow Chronicles picks up where book 1 left off, but is a complete stand alone novel. Join Baylee, Alex, Kela and Vivi as they work through family mayhem and paranormal riddles, all while trying to keep their tea house and antique shop running.
A legendary vampire known as the Blood Countess journeys from her castle in the Carpathian Mountains to the glitter of the modern-day world of rock music, in search of a beautiful young woman named Chloe who is destined to become her faithful servant, but Chloe is determined to stop the depraved huntress's evil, regardless of the personal cost. Original.
When you're a witch, being wicked comes naturally.For the Winchester witches, though, being wicked is only half the fun.After a long winter, spring has finally hit Hemlock Cove and Bay Winchester thinks things are finally settling down in the town – and with her family. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true.As a way to distract Aunt Tillie, the Winchester family has decided to give her a new project: Her own greenhouse. As construction starts, though, Bay is approached by a young girl – one she quickly realizes is no longer among the living – and given a task. The litter girl wants her mother – and she wants Bay to find her.If that wasn't bad enough, Bay's boss has brought in a consultant who wants to up The Monitor's production to three times a week, Bay's father and uncles are in the midst of opening their own rival inn – which has the middle generation of Winchester witches in a tizzy (and Aunt Tillie on the warpath) – and FBI agent Landon Michaels is finally embracing the truth about witchcraft.In short order, Bay finds out that there may be more than one ghost in need of help, Landon is still suspicious when it comes to the Winchesters and Aunt Tillie finds she has an unlikely suitor in pursuit of her curmudgeonly affections, which doesn't stop her from cursing the youngest witches in the family when the mood hits.It's just a normal week in Hemlock Cove – that is until the truth about two small ghosts blows sky high and brings a world of trouble to the Winchester witches' doorstep.

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