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Open Theology offers an advantageous framework for engaging the sciences. With its emphasis upon creaturely freedom, relationality, realist epistemology, and love, Open Theology makes a fruitful dialogue partner with leading fields and theories in contemporary science. In Creation Made Free, leading proponents of open theism explore natural and social scientific dimensions of reality as these dimensions both inform and are informed by Open Theology. Important themes addressed include evolution, creation ex nihilo, emergence theory, biblical cosmology, cognitive linguistics, quantum theory, and forgiveness.
Using biblical and historical data, this book first describes the biblical and theological basis for worship in the Free Church tradition, then shows how this tradition is expressed in worship at special occasions as well as in traditional services.
Free Grace is about the mediating position claims that God's so great salvation is absolutely free.
For centuries people have enjoyed singing about the "amazing grace" of God. Discover in the book, FREELY BY HIS GRACE, why God's grace is so amazing . . . and free! Grace is what distinguishes authentic biblical Christianity from every world religion. Grace is free to the recipient but costly to the Giver. It changes lives and eternal destinies. It characterizes the Giver as "the God of all grace." Theology itself, therefore, must be absorbed with God's grace. FREELY BY HIS GRACE provides a thoroughly biblical approach to theology, demonstrating how God's grace remains consistently "free" in such relevant areas as Free Grace theology, Grace, the Gospel, Lordship Salvation, Discipleship, Faith, Repentance, Regeneration, Eternal Security, Assurance, Sin, Sanctification, Rewards, Dispensationalism, Missions, Evangelism, and Disciple making. FREELY BY HIS GRACE is written by fourteen different authors and leaders, including pastors, professors, seminary presidents, and ministry leaders, who provide a wealth of sound biblical, theological, and practical insight into the theme of God's amazing and free grace.

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