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This best-selling new book from renown worship teacher, Dr. Marcia McFee, gives step-by-step worship planning help for all of the worship arts: visual, verbal, musical, media and dramatic using the interesting analogy to the creative work of filmmakers.
Worship Leader Magazine's 2013 Editor's Pick for Service planners category. BRIM opens your eyes to creative, artistic worship possibilities. Inside you will find ways to engage your team, worship templates to launch the creative process, and encouragement for the solo worship planner. BRIM combines music, art resources, imagery, digital content, leader devotionals, prayer encounters, practical how-to's and more to jumpstart your creative engine and to create new, meaningful worship experiences.
The art of storytelling can enrich any worship service. Whether you are reading stories from a picture book or preaching them from memory in the pulpit, A Good Telling can help you choose meaningful stories and learn how to tell them in powerful ways. It explains foundational techniques and provides practice exercises. It also offers strategies for successfully incorporating audience participation with children and adults. Supplemental material at the back includes a workshop series, complete with five ready-to-go skill-building sessions and a model for peer-to-peer sharing of stories. In addition, a comprehensive list of resources shows where to find scores of appropriate stories to tell. Whether you are a novice or a storytelling veteran, A Good Telling is an important new addition to any worship leader's library.
Something about the lyrics of many of the hit contemporary Christian worship songs is at best problematic for many clergy persons in mainline denominations. Sometimes the songs are downright offensive theologically to the pastor. Often the problem is rooted in a theological nuance or doctrine that the pastor does not embrace. Sometimes these contemporary worship songs use too many Christian buzz words or clichés—words or phrases that the pastor deliberately avoids in every other aspect of the liturgy. Often the problem is that the new songs show no sensitivity at all to things like “inclusive language” or the theological challenges of doctrines like “penal substitutionary atonement.” Sometimes the pastors feel that most of these new songs lack substance, that they’re too sugary, too individualistic, and too other-worldly. Sometimes there’s an emotional tone to this contemporary worship music that might work well in another kind of church but which just doesn’t feel authentic in a traditional or mainline congregation. Now I would imagine that at least some of you began to glaze over a bit as you attempted to read those last few paragraphs. Or maybe you didn’t fully understand some of the terms I just used. If so, don’t worry—that’s why I wrote this book! If you have no idea what things like “penal substitutionary atonement” or “inclusive language” are about, this book will help you understand what these terms mean and why it’s important to your pastors for you to know your way around these issues and concepts a bit as you seek new songs to bring into the worship life of your congregation. And I promise--I’ll do my best to use down-to-earth language that you’ll be able to easily understand without a seminary education!
This comprehensive introduction to the life and thought of Paul combines historical and theological analysis.
Accompany artist Nancy Chinn in this vigorous discussion about art for worship--from theory to technique and from philosophy to practice. With dozens of color photos, this book will challenge you and congregational life.
"Schmit tells us how to let our mission form our worship and how our worship can empower our mission. A wonderful book that will be gratefully received by the church." Will Willimon, Bishop, North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church Historic changes are occurring in this generation in the convergence of worship styles throughout the Christian church. With the onset of postmodernity and its requisite values of embodiment, mystery, and wonder, worship has become a major window for displaying these values in more inclusive and holistic ways. As modern worship walls break down, Christians across the theological spectrum are seeking to learn from their own tradition's roots and from the liturgical expressions of believers in other times and places. Sent and Gatheredexamines worship in church settings around the globe, describing the growing liturgical convergence and providing practical principles for shaping liturgies that are missionally focused, creative, theologically congruent, and appropriate to local contexts. The book broadens current ecumenical worship conversations, reveals insights drawn from the church at worship in the world, and argues for a common understanding of a theology of worship. It will appeal to students of worship and practical theology, pastors, and worship leaders. About the series:The Engaging Worship series from Fuller Theological Seminary's Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts brings scholars, students, artists, and church leaders into conversation around vital issues of theology and worship. Each volume addresses a particular worship issue from one or multiple academic disciplines and explores ways in which worship practice and leadership can be renewed.

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