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An inspiring collection of the personal philosophies of a group of remarkable men and women Based on the National Public Radio series of the same name, This I Believe features eighty essayists—from the famous to the unknown—completing the thought that begins the book's title. Each piece compels readers to rethink not only how they have arrived at their own personal beliefs but also the extent to which they share them with others. Featuring a well-known list of contributors—including Isabel Allende, Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, William F. Buckley Jr., Penn Jillette, Bill Gates, and John Updike—the collection also contains essays by a Brooklyn lawyer; a part-time hospital clerk from Rehoboth, Massachusetts; a woman who sells Yellow Pages advertising in Fort Worth, Texas; and a man who serves on the state of Rhode Island's parole board. The result is a stirring and provocative trip inside the minds and hearts of a diverse group of people whose beliefs—and the incredibly varied ways in which they choose to express them—reveal the American spirit at its best.
The popular orchestra leader, one of America's most enduring music makers, candidly discusses his beliefs about God, country, family, and work, explaining his personal philosophy for successful living
A new collection of uplifting essays by famous and everyday contributors is a volume of key life lessons on such topics as forgiveness, integrity, and change, in a collection that includes pieces by such figures as Yo-Yo Ma, Sister Helen Prejean, and Robert Fulghum. 125,000 first printing.
"In this book, you'll find ponderings on life?s big questions, like "Why am I here"? and "What is my place in the world"? There are beliefs in the importance of saying hello, saying thank you, and saying?I forgive you.? And there are revelations on the importance of listening to your inner voice and taking responsibility for one's actions"--
Ketchvar III's mission is simple: travel to Planet Earth, inhabit the body of an average teenager, and determine if the human race should be annihilated. And so Ketchvar—who, to human eyes, looks just like a common snail—crawls into the brain of one Tom Filber and attempts to do his analysis. At first glance, Tom appears to be the perfect specimen—fourteen years old, good health, above average intelligence. But it soon becomes apparent that Tom Filber may be a little too average—gawky, awkward, and utterly abhorred by his peers. An alien within an alien's skin, Ketchvar quickly finds himself wrapped up in the daily drama of teenage life—infuriating family members, raging bullies, and undeniably beautiful next-door neighbors. And the more entangled Ketchvar becomes, the harder it is to answer the question he was sent to Earth to resolve: Should the Sandovinians release the Gagnerian Death Ray and erase the human species for good? Or is it possible that Homo sapiens really are worth saving? Wickedly wry and hysterically skewed, David Klass's take on teen life on our fabulously flawed Planet Earth is an engrossing look at true friends, truer enemies, and awkward alien first kisses. Stuck on Earth is a 2011 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.
Inspiring essays on love shared by men, women, and young people from all walks of life In the 1950's, Edward R. Murrow's radio program, This I Believe, gave voice to the feelings and treasured beliefs of Americans around the country. Fifty years later, the popular update of the series, which now continues on Bob Edwards Weekend on public radio, explores the beliefs that people hold dear today. This book brings together essays on love from ordinary people far and wide whose sentiments and stories will surprise, inspire, and move you. Includes extraordinary essays written by "ordinary" Americans on love in its many manifestations-from romantic love and love of family to love of place and love of animals Paints a compelling portrait of the diverse range of beliefs and experiences related to what is perhaps the most powerful and complex of human emotions-love Based on the popular This I Believe radio series and Web site By turns funny and profound, yet always engaging, This I Believe: On Love is a perfect gift to give or to keep.
Making good grades - even straight A's - is a fine goal if that's what you need or want, but far too many straight A students memorize facts, do well on exams, and then soon forget everything. What a terrible waste of time, effort and money! The book begins with three basic questions: 1. Why do so many students work ward, make good grades, but quickly forget what they "learned?" 2. How can you learn more, understand deeply, and remember longer? 3. How can you get a great education? But these are more than hypothetical questions. They are all answered in the conclusion to the book. In this book, you will discover : A Flexible Time Management Research-based learning strategies Test preparation without cramming Mental processing - a new more effective definition of study Strategies to organize information, develop thinking skills, and long-lasting memory Ways to strengthen concentration and willpower In addition, the book includes a section on what employers want most with chapters on critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and complex problem solving. To make the book more exciting to read, there are 54 illustrations including three comic strips, many stories, metaphors, and helpful examples. This book is radically different from other books on study skills and will help students choose what they want or need to learn and take charge of their own education. They might even re-discover the excitement of learning. In addition to the book, there is a website, www.choose-learning,.com with blogs, study tips, monthly contests, and a way for students to email the author with their questions. While most questions will be answered on a Q&A page, personal questions will be answered with a personal email. In other words, this author, who wishes she'd had a book like this when she was a student, is working hard to help students to get the best possible education.

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