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Breaking Free is a user-friendly guide to A Course in Miracles, illustrating principles with fascinating stories from Lorri Coburn's psychotherapy practice. It is the quintessential introduction that bridges the gap between traditional religious beliefs and A Course in Miracles. This is a must-read, first companion to A Course in Miracles. “Lorri Coburn is a woman who demonstrates in this book that she doesn't just ask the tough questions, she has also found the answers. I've never seen a more satisfying explanation and resolution of the mysteries of life. I enthusiastically recommend this wonderful book.” -- Gary Renard, best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe.
The Christian radio talk show host asked the well known women’s ministry leader the question, “So what do you think about the statement that men in the church have been feminized?” Her immediate response was, “I totally disagree. Men in American have not been feminized at all…they have been emasculated. Men don’t feel a need to be more like women…they just have lost their identity as men.” This book begins with the true story told by a washed up minister whom God forgave, healed, restored, and reenlisted in his service. The real story lies, however, how a few men, discontented with the detachment of men in their church and inspired by the Holy Spirit, discovered a pathway to re-engagement as God’s man in this hour…or maybe real engagement for the very first time. Many of you, who chose to read this book, may have suffered through some potentially debilitating failures. We have much in common, my friend. In fact, I have learned to not trust a man until he has shown me his scars. Welcome to Warrior Boot Camp! The reader will take a journey through a season of breaking down and shredding of the things of this world that have insidiously crept like tendrils into our hearts and minds. We will then explore the practical military view, including strategies and tactics, that is pervasive throughout scripture, regarding our calling to engage and win the spiritual war against our three foes: The world systemThe carnal human natureThe demonic spiritual realm led by Satan The second half of the book builds up the reader with the understanding of how to dress for success in the Kingdom by “putting on” and effectively fighting in God’s armor (Ephesians 6). Warriors must be expert in weaponry and the invisible war of the Spirit is not the exception but the rule. The real hero of this Warrior saga is Gideon (Judges 6-8). We will get into his shoes as he hides in the wine press…and then into his head, and finally, his heart as he is transformed from fearful farmer to mighty warrior. Together we will explore the common threads of manhood as lived out by the greatest warrior in Israel’s history. “Called to War will most assuredly be compared with Wild at Heart and Raising a Modern Day Knight. Art Hobba’s resourcefulness takes new ground earning inclusion in this unique fellowship of unabashed Servant Warriors. Men-of-God, saddle up; you have been Called to War!”
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Create your own Arduino-based designs, gain in-depth knowledge of the architecture of Arduino, and learn the user-friendly Arduino language all in the context of practical projects that you can build yourself at home. Get hands-on experience using a variety of projects and recipes for everything from home automation to test equipment. Arduino has taken off as an incredibly popular building block among ubicomp (ubiquitous computing) enthusiasts, robotics hobbyists, and DIY home automation developers. Authors Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings provide detailed instructions for building a wide range of both practical and fun Arduino-related projects, covering areas such as hobbies, automotive, communications, home automation, and instrumentation. Take Arduino beyond "blink" to a wide variety of projects from simple to challenging Hands-on recipes for everything from home automation to interfacing with your car engine management system Explanations of techniques and references to handy resources for ubiquitous computing projects Supplementary material includes a circuit schematic reference, introductions to a range of electronic engineering principles and general hints & tips. These combine with the projects themselves to make Practical Arduino: Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware an invaluable reference for Arduino users of all levels. You'll learn a wide variety of techniques that can be applied to your own projects. What you’ll learn Communication with serial devices including RFID readers, temperature sensors, and GPS modules Connecting Arduino to Ethernet and WiFi networks Adding synthesized speech to Arduino Linking Arduino to web services Decoding data streams from commercial wireless devices How to make DIY prototyping shields for only a couple of dollars Who this book is for This book is for hobbyists and developers interested in physical computing using a low-cost, easy-to-learn platform. Table of Contents Introduction Appliance Remote Control Time-Lapse Camera Controller Virtual USB Keyboard PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse Input Security/Automation Sensors Online Thermometer Touch Control Panel Speech Synthesizer Water Flow Gauge Oscilloscope/Logic Analyzer Water Tank Depth Sensor Weather Station Receiver RFID Access Control System Vehicle Telemetry Platform Resources
The Present Volume Deals With The First Nine Hundred Years Of The Medieval Period Of Indian Literary History.A History Of Indian Literature Is An Account Of The Literary Activities Of The Indian People Carried Through In Many Languages And Under Different Social Conditions. It Is The Story Of A Multilingual Literature, A Plurality Of Linguistic Expressions And Cultural Experience And Also Of The Remarkable Unity Underlying Them.
The present volume deals with the most fascinating aspects of sensory performance studied in insects, crustaceans and spiders. Arthropods inhabit practically every conceivable ecological niche, and are perfectly adapted to cope with the constraints of their natural habitats. They move on the ground, in water, and in the air. They use visual, olfactory, acoustical, vibratory, and tactile cues for orientation, to recognize and pinpoint their target, their home place, a feeding site, a prey, or a potential mate. Many arthropods use celestial (skylight) and terrestrial (magnetic) compass cues for orientation, and some of them were shown to develop, through experience, oriented behaviours based on a variety of innate, hard-wired orientation mechanisms. In many cases, aspects of behaviour that are involved in orientation cannot be separated from inter- and intraspecific communication. The book brings to the fore the role of communication not only in social and sexual behaviours, but also in the context of oriented locomotion. Top, internationally renowned scientists have contributed to this volume and have succeeded in presenting a book full of highlights which will be of great interest to workers in this field of research. With contributions by F. G. Barth; D. von Helverson, K.-E. Kaissling, W. Kirchner, M. Walker, M. Weissburg, R. Campan, T. Collett, J. Zeil, K. Kirschfeld, R. Wehner, M. Srinivasan, M. Lehrer, R. Gadagkar.

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