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Originally published in 1991. A multidisciplinary guide in the form of a bibliography of selected time-related books and articles divided into 25 existing academic disciplines and about 100 subdisciplines which have a wide application to time studies.
Handbook of the Psychology of Aging, Third Edition describes the psychology of adult development and aging. This book is organized into four parts encompassing 28 chapters that cover the basic behavioral changes and capacities occurring with advancing age. The first part deals with the history, concept, and models of the psychology of aging. This part also examines the distinctions between physical, biological, psychological, and social time or age. The second part explores the influences of racial, ethnic, and cultural factors on biological/health, social, and psychological aging processes. This part also surveys gender differences in aging. The third part describes numerous behavioral processes, changes, and patterns in advancing age. This part specifically considers the motivation, cognitive and motor performance, attentional processes, learning, memory, personality, and wisdom in aging. The fourth part focuses on the applications of the concepts and principles of aging to the individual and society. This book will be of great value to psychologists, researchers, and graduate students.
What is family time? What value do we place on it? How many families today have time to be families? How do families view, use and seek to control time, and how successful are they at it? The concept of time is central to the study of families and is used in different ways: families changing through history; families experiencing the passage of time as they age over the life course; and families negotiating time for being together. Synthesizing these different concepts into a broad theory of how families understand time, Kerry J Daly examines time as a pervasive influence in the changing experiential world of families.
In order to interpret historical writings, readers must not employ their modern understanding of the world, but must strive to grasp the perceptions and social contexts of the original audience. To assist the twentieth-century New Testament reader in understanding the meaning of the New Testament is the goal of this collection of essays. The Social World of Jesus and the Gospels provides the reader with a set of workable scenarios for reading the New Testament: How did first-century persons think about themselves and others? Did they think Jesus was a charismatic leader? Why did they call God "Father"? Were they concerned with their gender roles? The eight essays in this collection were previously published in books and journals generally not available to many readers. Carefully selected and edited, this collection will be both an introduction and an invaluable source of reference to Bruce Malina's thought.
Provides a model to analyze the impact of chronic illness on the large population, patients and families, who are affected by it. Illustrates a systematic approach for psychosocial assessment and interventions. This text brings together ideas from extensive research and provides a perspective on chronic illness throughout the lifespan. Through case studies and a well researched nursing model, the book provides innovative approaches for the hospital and community-based nurse. Special features include a review of literature specific to chronicity, excellent diagrams and charts to highlight content, and chapters on time, coping, orientation to life, and stressors.

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