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In Marti Green's twisting novel of psychological suspense, twin sisters become engaged in a dangerous deception... Mallory Holcolm is an unfulfilled waitress and aspiring artist living in a Queens boardinghouse when she learns something astonishing about her past: she has an identical twin sister named Charly she never knew existed. Charly is a Princeton graduate, a respected gallery owner, and an heiress married to her handsome college sweetheart, Ben. Charly got everything she ever wanted. Everything Mallory wanted, too. And now it might be easier than Mallory ever imagined. Because Ben has reasons of his own for wanting to help her. It begins with his startling proposal. All Mallory has to do is say yes. But as their devious plan falls into place, piece by piece, Mallory learns more about her sister and herself than she ever meant to--a discovery that comes with an unexpected twist. A chilling deception is about to become a dangerous double cross. And it's going to change the rules of Ben and Mallory's game to the very end.
Meski keajaiban medis mampu mengecilkan tumornya dan membuatnya Hazel bertahan hidup beberapa tahun lagi, Hazel Grace tetap putus asa. Hazel merasa tak ada gunanya lagi dia hidup di dunia. Namun ketika kelindan nasib mempertemukannya dengan Augustus Waters di Grup Pendukung Anak-anak Penderita Kanker, hidup Hazel berubah 180 derajat. Mencerahkan, berani dan menggugah, The Fault in Our Stars dengan brilian mengeksplorasi kelucuan, ketegangan, juga tragisnya hidup dan cinta.
“When I fly among the stars and see the lights in the distance, I say to myself that this is my little Consuelo is calling me…” Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote about love for his wife. A graceful Consuelo Suncin inspired an outstanding French writer, poet and pilot to create a beautiful rose in his famous all over the world book The Little Prince. The book that became a real bestseller of the twentieth century.
A Major League Baseball player tells the inspiring true story of his father, a poor Puerto Rican factory worker who, against all odds, raised on of the greatest baseball dynasties of all time: three sons who have each earned two World Series rings. Illustrations. Tour.
"Todos, en un mismo espiritu, se dedicaban a la oracion, junto con las mujeres y con los hermanos de Jesus y su madre Maria". Hechos 1.14 NVI Las mujeres enfrentan muchos desafios especiales en la vida - desafios que demandan oraciones especificas. ?Que mejor que usar la propia y perfecta Palabra de Dios como fundamento? Oraciones y Promesas para Mujeres es una nueva coleccion de doscientas poderosas oraciones, cada una sobre la base de una promesa de la Biblia cuidadosamente seleccionada. Organizado en cincuenta hermosos temas - incluidos los amigos, la maternidad, la autoestima, y otros - Oraciones y Promesas para Mujeres busca la bendicion de Dios en los asuntos comunes y corrientes de la vida. De gran utilidad para la adoracion personal, Oraciones y Promesas para Mujeres puede cambiar la manera en que usted se acerca a la oracion, y servir al mismo tiempo como punto de partida para una oracion mas profunda y especifica.
A young girl flees Nazi-occupied Germany with her family and best friend, only to discover that the overseas refuge they had been promised is an illusion in this “powerful and affecting” (Kirkus Reviews) debut novel, perfect for fans of The Nightingale, All the Light We Cannot See, and Schindler’s List. Before everything changed, young Hannah Rosenthal lived a charmed life. But now, in 1939, the streets of Berlin are draped with red, white, and black flags; her family’s fine possessions are hauled away; and they are no longer welcome in the places that once felt like home. Hannah and her best friend, Leo Martin, make a pact: whatever the future has in store for them, they’ll meet it together. Hope appears in the form of the S.S. St. Louis, a transatlantic liner offering Jews safe passage out of Germany. After a frantic search to obtain visas, the Rosenthals and the Martins depart on the luxurious ship bound for Havana. Life on board the St. Louis is like a surreal holiday for the refugees, with masquerade balls, exquisite meals, and polite, respectful service. But soon ominous rumors from Cuba undermine the passengers’ fragile sense of safety. From one day to the next, impossible choices are offered, unthinkable sacrifices are made, and the ship that once was their salvation seems likely to become their doom. Seven decades later in New York City, on her twelfth birthday, Anna Rosen receives a strange package from an unknown relative in Cuba, her great-aunt Hannah. Its contents will inspire Anna and her mother to travel to Havana to learn the truth about their family’s mysterious and tragic past, a quest that will help Anna understand her place and her purpose in the world. The German Girl sweeps from Berlin at the brink of the Second World War to Cuba on the cusp of revolution, to New York in the wake of September 11, before reaching its deeply moving conclusion in the tumult of present-day Havana. Based on a true story, this masterful novel gives voice to the joys and sorrows of generations of exiles, forever seeking a place called home.
Fascinante, reveladora y poderosa, Francotirador la asombrosa autobiografía del Capitán SEAL Chris Kyle, el francotirador que tuvo el récord más alto en la historia militar estadounidense. En Francotirador, Kyle relata la extraordinaria historia de su carrera que duró una década. El fascinante relato de cómo pasó de ser un cowboy de rodeos de Texas a ser un experto franco tirador y temido asesino, ofrece una perspectiva única de la guerra actual y una de las descripciones más profundas, reveladoras y jamás escritas del mundo secreto de Special Ops (Operaciones Especiales) de Estados Unidos. Esta obra, también honra a los compañeros de guerra de Kyle, que lucharon dentro y fuera del campo de batalla, así como con conmovedores relatos de su esposa Taya, quien habla abiertamente de las presiones de la guerra en su matrimonio, sus hijos, y en Chris. Extraordinario, inolvidable y cargado de adrenalina, el relato de Kyle se sitúa como una de las mejores autobiografías de guerra de todos los tiempos.

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