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This American Book Award winner by the author of Bless Me, Ultima is a novel of a New Mexico teenager’s journey of physical and spiritual recovery. When the story opens, the eponymous hero of Rudolfo Anaya’s novel is in an ambulance en route to a hospital for crippled children in the New Mexican desert. A poor boy from Albuquerque, sixteen-year-old Tortuga takes his name from the odd, turtle-shaped mountain that is rumored to possess miraculous curative powers. Tortuga is paralyzed, and not even his mother’s fervent prayers can heal him. But under the mountain’s watchful gaze, with the support of fellow patients, he begins the Herculean task of breaking out of his shell and becoming whole again. Drawn from personal experience and imbued with the magic realism and phantasmagorical vision quests that distinguish Anaya’s work, Tortuga is a joyful, life-sustaining book about hope, faith, friendship, and love that celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the physical world.
An adventure story and a deeply considered meditation upon the sea itself. "Beautiful and original...a resonant and symbolical story of nine doomed men who dream of an earthly paradise as the world winds down around them." —Newsweek
In a harbour in the Cayman Islands, the schooner Lillias Eden prepares to set sail for the turtling grounds of the western Caribbean. Her captain is Raib Avers, a bitter man with a violent temper, one of the last of a dying breed of turtle-fishers. Her crew consists of a mixed bag of both experienced and inexperienced sailors, those few who are prepared to accept Avers' tyrannical style of captaincy. They include his teenage son, a few of Avers' fellow veterans from the once-thriving turtle fishing industry, a one-eyed psychic, a black Honduran from the Bay Islands and a troublesome would-be singer who feels himself destined for greater things than a life at sea. Following the fortunes of the old Caribbean schooner and her crew, Peter Matthiessen's outstanding novel is both a powerful story of the sea and a resonantly symbolic account of the relations between man and nature.
Safe Harbor? Five months into their undercover search for the pirate Jack Steele, Captain Hunter and the Aurora head for the island of Tortuga to put in for repairs after a battle with a deadly Spanish ship. Davy Shea, now fifteen years old and accepted by the Aurora's crew, continues to help his uncle Patch in the ship's surgery, but Captain Hunter has a special mission for him. The Captain has learned that captured British officers are being held on the island for ransom from the Crown, and he is determined to rescue those officers, even risking the Aurora's cover. As a servant boy, Davy can easily pass among the various pirate groups thriving on Tortuga. But as Davy begins to uncover the many secrets and deceptions that shroud this beautiful island, he soon realizes that more is at stake than the lives of a few captured officers. A plan is in the works that will force the pirate hunters on the Aurora to make new alliances...and bring them face to face with former enemies.
2008 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER Peter Matthiessen’s great American epic–Killing Mister Watson, Lost Man’s River, and Bone by Bone–was conceived as one vast mysterious novel, but because of its length it was originally broken up into three books. In this bold new rendering, Matthiessen has cut nearly a third of the overall text and collapsed the time frame while deepening the insights and motivations of his characters with brilliant rewriting throughout. In Shadow Country, he has marvelously distilled a monumental work, realizing his original vision.
Action, adventure, private islands, beautiful women, rhinos, boat chases, castles, car chases, fine dining, eco-terrorists, Savage man, The Rainbow Connection, a fortune, a father, dirty limericks, and two of the worst heroes ever to get caught up in a plot that could change the world forever. Steve Bennett never knew his father. Now he’s inherited a billion dollar empire and a stake in a man-made island chain in the Gulf of Mexico. Trying to adjust to his new situation, he and his best friend, Paul Nelson, travel to the islands and soon find themselves being chased by killers, killer hippies and rhinos. They have no training. They can’t trust anyone. But, they must escape and stop a plot that threatens America. Will they succeed? Will they live? Are rhinos nocturnal? Find out in Tortugas Rising, an action and adventure comedy by the author of Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors.

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